Monday, November 23, 2015

Just an Ordinary Day

Hi my friends! It's just an ordinary day around here-

Dish washer loaded and ran, waiting to be unloaded

The rest of the dishes handwashed and put away

A load of towels almost ready for the dryer

Read science to two of my children

Started two experiments for biology

Started my grocery list

Made a plan of what I need to cook/when for Thanksgiving

Cleaned out leftovers from the fridge (which means more dishes to wash)

Got meat thawing for supper (Pearl's chili is on the menu)

The house is quiet as all my children are trying to finish up school by tomorrow so they can have a few extra days off for the holiday.

Today is much warmer than the last few days and the sun coming in the windows in addition to the quiet house are really making me want a nap!

I better get up and moving.

The washer just stopped so I guess it's time to reboot and get them in the dryer.

I also keep checking out my window, my THM order is scheduled to be delivered today :)

I hope you all are having a wonderful day! 

Even the ordinary days can be wonderful.


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