Saturday, October 8, 2011

Conviction about skirts only

If you have followed me very long you probably have read some of my articles about modesty or skirt wearing. A few years ago God convicted me to wear skirts only and yes, I fought Him on it for awhile. Once I realized the only reason I wasn't wearing them full time was because of what others would think, I gave in and went full time. I did that for quite awhile, maybe a year or two, I can't quite remember. During that time we switched churches, now mind you neither church we attended were skirts only. Our old church lacked quite a bit in the modesty area which I feel was one reason God led me to skirts only, to stand out as an example. Our new church is very modest (with the exception of a couple ladies) and I started slacking on my skirts, wearing pants and jeans sometimes. Then I went back to wearing jeans, capris and long shorts when I wanted, not being skirts only at all. I have to say that I have wrestled with this issue greatly over the last year or so. I constantly went back and forth, should I really be skirts only or can I be modest in pants and such. I would literally go back and forth. Oh, I should note that dh has always supported my choice but we do not feel it is a command to wear skirts only, however we believe it is more modest. Dh let me work this out on my own. Finally last week I spent a great deal of time praying about it and talking it over with God (again). I realized I was once again not wearing skirts full time because of what others would think; that is just wrong. I am to follow God's conviction in my life and not be concerned with what others think, except my dh of course. So, I purposed to go skirts only with the exception of at rodeos or certain, specific times when jeans would be more functional. That is just my conviction in this area. I also sat my children down and discussed all of this with them and asked to help me be accountable, not to slip back into the habit of wearing jeans and such. I know that this issue is a personal conviction, but if you would like to read more of my journey, I have several posts about it. You can look under the label modesty or look here and here.



  1. Wow! It's like you have read my mind and wrote it down! I have been struggling with this too. One thing that "got" me was when my daughter asked why we wear dresses to church but not anywhere else? That's when it hit me, why do we dress modestly and respectfully to go to he Lords house but not out in the "world" where we are to be a light unto others and representatives of the kingdom of God! Out of the mouth of my babe the Lord convicted me and and so now we begin our journey with skirts (aka modesty journey)! Thanks for posting your thoughts on this. It's really helped me since I can also get into the "what does everyone else think about this" mode. God Bless!

  2. I'm so glad that you brought this issue before the Lord, Rashel! I have slipped back just once since becoming convicted on this issue a few years ago. During my last pregnancy I began to wear maternity jeans again...but I was sorry I did.

    I feel that now, if I have been convicted by reading Gods word, that I am not honouring God in the way I dress. Then by "slipping" back I am actually living in disobedience to Him!

    I now NEVER wear trousers! Though if I had kept some "just in case" I would find myself justifying myself wearing them, and I would slip back into old habits! I just gave them now I never need worry about slipping back!

    Great post! :)

  3. Rashel, I am a great grandmother and I have never worn pants for any occasion. Deuteronomy says that women should not wear that which pertaineth to a man. When we think of men we think of pants. I do fixed culottes to wear when I need something for a special. When I am standing you cannot tell they are culottes. I know this is personal. I am Fundamental Baptist and a lot of the ladies do wear pants.
    I don't judge ~ I just do what the Lord wants me to do. I am glad that you have given this some thought.

  4. Praise God..Thanks for this post! I have been "skirts only" since 2007 and like Aliene said I just do what God wants me to do...Be Blessed!