Friday, October 14, 2011

Do my children know I like them?

I've been pondering this for a few weeks now, do my children really know that I like them, not just love them? Do I take time to show them that I enjoy being with them? Do I show them that I care about their likes and their dreams? Or am I too busy with my everyday routine of life that I don't take time to actually be with them.
Recently we had some friends visit that we had not seen in quite awhile. We love this family and really enjoy spending time together, we just had not made that time in far too long. Anywhoo, the mother of this family is such an encouragement to me. We are very like minded in several areas, which is rare around these parts. Just watching her with her family, you can tell that she truly adores each and every one of them. Her face radiates love for them. Her gentleness shows them affection and compassion, even while disciplining them. Just by being near her I was challenged to wonder if I am that way toward my family. I don't believe I am. I was convicted in my heart and I have been purposing to make it a priority to show my family that I truly adore them, that I truly love being with them and that they are a joy to me. I must control my temper, I must soften my voice and I must smile at them frequently. It is important that I take the time to play what they want to play, that I look at them and listen when they are talking to me and that I remember they have feelings too.

I challenge you to look at your own heart and your responses to your children. Do they know that you like them? Do you adore them and show it?  I know that I was not, but it isn't too late.


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  1. This was a wonderfully, encouraging post Rashel!

  2. When my children were young we celebrated valentines' day with cards and a special dessert. I spent time thinking about each child so that I could write down encouragement for the gifts and talents that they were beginning to develop.
    As parents we sometimes stumble, but I like encouragement you have given to having a loving attitude. I use to pray that God's grace would cover my imperfections as a mom.

    1. Carol, that is so sweet and thoughtful! I imagine your children felt special that you made that much effort. I pray often that God's grace would cover my imperfections as well, I believe He is faithful in that area. He know ours hearts.

  3. Rashel, I love your heart! May God honor your intentional focus on affirming the spirit of your children.

  4. Lyli, thank you! I sincerely appreciate your sweet words and thank you for stopping by.