Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The never ending struggle....

I find myself having the same inner struggle over and over. The struggle I'm talking about it is between eating healthy and baking for my family all those yummy treats like cinnamon rolls, brownies and home made bread. I know all the reasons to eat healthy and proper food combining is the very best way for me to eat, that I have found. I also know that I truly enjoy baking for my family and yes, I bake from scratch with the healthiest ingredients I can get at the time. But, when I bake, I have to EAT it too!! Now, homemade bread may not sound like a bad thing but when you eat three slices while it is warm and fresh out of the oven, it's not so good for you! I like baking goodies for my family and cooking their favorite meals for dinner, but that doesn't line up with the way I need to eat. So, what am I to do? I've decided to proper food combine as often as I can while baking for my family occasionally. I can have those goodies once in a while, without feeling guilty. I can cook their favorite meals even if they aren't properly combined, just not every night. I have to learn moderation is the key. Now, before you think I'm eating this weigh for selfish reasons, it isn't about losing weight. I have trouble with my stomach when I don't properly combine my food. So, it's for health, not vanity. Although, to be honest, I do lose a few unwanted pounds when I pfc consistently. I know you probably couldn't care less, but I'm sharing anyway :) Sometimes, I just feel the need to "think out loud".


  1. Hello Rashel,
    I have recently sworn off sugar and white flour... again. Having three bakers in the house, my daughters and myself, not eating what is backing, baked or worse yet the batter (think think the darkest, dark chocolate chip cookies!) is VERY hard. So, honestly, I feel your pain. The only help that I've found is planning. Having tea and rice cakes or sometimes protein (boiled egg whites, meat or nuts) set out for me sometimes helps... sometimes I just have to get out of the kitchen and remind myself that self control is a gift of the spirit and that denial can be a way of allowing my flesh to be crucified...
    Sometimes I'm successful, sometimes I'm not, Thank God He knows my heart and have mercy and grace for when I repent...
    It has also begun to help to have foremost in my head (as I begin my day) WHY I am doing this - I want to live (I am very overweight). I want to play with my grandchildren. Your reason maybe different from mine, but having a focus is helping this time around.
    I pray that helps or at least encourages,

  2. Thank you NYLass! It is encouraging and helpful. Thank you for the reminder to pray about it and you are right about the self control and denial part too. Thank you again for sharing.