Thursday, March 3, 2011

Praise God!!!

I have to tell you all that God has done this morning! My dh called me earlier needing our insurance agent's phone number because he had been in a wreck. He said he was ok and the guy with him was ok, but the truck was smashed. Praise #1, no one was injured! Someone ran a red light and hit my dh in right front fender, a few feet over and it would have been the passenger door, where someone was sitting - Praise #2, it was fender not door! My dh was on his way to a business meeting in another town about an hour away. The truck is not driveable so I could have had to drive there to get him but there are others there that will give him a ride to a much closer town - Praise #3, saving us gas money and time driving. Dh said the man who hit him was arguing with the police that he didn't run the light, however he did get a ticket for it. The police told my dh he may have to go to court if the guy keeps fighting it. I just got a text from my dh. He said he remembered a guy sitting behind him in a bright orange shirt at the stoplight but didn't have any idea who he was. No one stopped to be a witness. Well, he is sitting in his meeting and guess who is sitting right in front of him? The man in the bright orange shirt! Praise #4! God is such an awesome and amazing God. He can work in ways we can't even think of! I'm am so thankful to be a child of such a loving God!

I just had to share! Oh and on a smaller praise note, I have internet again!!


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  1. Wow, what an amazing story! God is good! So thankful nobody was injured!!!