Monday, May 4, 2015

Bumps on my path

I have a busy day ahead so I don't have long, but I did want to share something with you.

This morning for my run I made a new path around my field instead of just running the driveway, it's much prettier :)

The problem is that this is a new path, out in a hayfield, which means it is not flat or level in all places. As I'm running and praying that God would make the path flat and safe so I don't injure myself, He reminded me that sometimes there are going to be bumps in my journey. The bumps may make things harder and I may not always like them, but -

the bumps make me stronger!

Just like in life, we have bumps in our journey. 

Things are not always easy or safe, God never told me they would be. He just said follow me and His path was not easy either.

So remember in your journey, on your run of life, that you will have bumps in your path, but those bumps will make you stronger if you just keep going.

Rely on Him in all things.

Trust Him in all things.

God is in control and He wants what is best for you, always.


I got some new running clothes this weekend!

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