Thursday, May 7, 2015

Learning to be free

Sometimes I am a slow learner.

Sometimes I am really stubborn.

Sometimes I need to hear it again and again before I really get it.

I need reminders.


One lesson that I know deep down inside me, but often need reminded of, is that it is okay just to be me.

It is way too easy for me to get caught up in caring what the world thinks of me or even caring what those close to me think of me. Instead, I should be caring what God thinks of me. 

If I am living for Him, then other's opinions really don't matter at all. The people close to me, that I really care about, they will love me more for caring only what God thinks because that will make me the best person I can be.

I will never please the world, there are too many people in it with too many different opinions- they will never all be pleased. No matter what I do. 

Besides that, I am not to be of this world. I am just a stranger here, a passerby on my way to my heavenly home. 

But sometimes I forget. 

Sometimes I start caring what others think of my house if it isn't clean.
Sometimes I care what others think of how I dress, is it modest enough in their eyes.
Sometimes I care what others think of how my children behave.

But then God will nudge me in some way and say, "Hey, I'm the only one that matters."

"My opinion is the only one that truly matters. And you need to remember that I love you just for being you."

I don't have to live up to some set of false expectations. I just have to be me, the way God made me. My priorities are not everyone else's priorities.

If I am pleasing my Lord then that is enough.

Yes, I need to be pleasing my husband as well, but if I am truly pleasing my Lord, then that will happen naturally.

My journey is not your journey and my life is not your life.
Just as yours is not mine.
God made us all unique, with different goals, different ideas and priorities - why would we try to live up to each other's standards when God gave us our own?

I pray you will find freedom in just being who God made you to be. In who God believes you are, a beloved child of the one true King.


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