Saturday, April 25, 2015

It IS Important

I'll start tomorrow. It's only one donut. We're all going to die anyway.

Yeah, I here people say these things all the time as excuses as to why they aren't taking care of their health. There are always excuses. Tons of them. There always will be. Be let me just say this...


God created our bodies to be awesome, functioning machines, but we must put the right fuel into a machine for it to operate correctly. You don't put kool aid in a gas motor and expect it to run. So why would you think your body is any different? Yes, you will still live awhile, you will still breathe and be able to move - for awhile. Eventually, you will start slowing down, you will blame it on aging but is that really the reason. Maybe, just maybe, it's because you haven't been taking care of your machine properly.

Sometimes you don't even realize how sluggish your machine is running because it has become normal to you. Until I cleaned my system out I had no idea how bad I really felt. I was tired a lot, I had headaches often and my tummy was always rumbling. It was life, that was just how I was and I had gotten accustomed to it. Thank God He didn't allow me to stay like that. He nudged me and encouraged me to get healthy and I cannot tell you how thankful I am for that. I feel like a new person. I have energy I never had before. My headaches are few and far between, and quite honestly only when I eat poorly. My stomach is much quieter and I sleep SOOO much better.

IT IS IMPORTANT!  And what is more - IT IS WORTH IT!

You are worth the effort it takes to eat healthy! Your family is worth it, they deserve the best you that you can give them. God is worth it.

Yes, God!

How can you serve Him to the best of your abilities if you aren't the best you that you can be?

Your body is not your own, it is His. He bought it with a very high price. He is just letting you take care of it. So, how good of a job are you doing at that?

This might seem a little blunt, but sometimes that is exactly what it takes for some of us to see the truth.

Your health is important to God because you are important to God!

I'm running this same race with you and I know it can be really hard, but sister, it is so worth it. I pray that you start this journey, restart this journey or continue this journey - wherever you are right now, I am here with you. You are not alone. God is here too, always!


  1. Thank you! I never post comments, but you have encouraged me so much with your last few posts that I had to thank you!! It encourages me so much to know that I'm not alone:)

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, it means more to me than you know. I love to hear that God is using my blog to touch others in some way, that is my entire purpose for writing and sharing my own stories. May God bless you richly.