Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How my fitness effects my faith

I know that for some people their fitness, or their health, has nothing to do with their faith and they can't even see how one could possibly relate to the other.

But for me, it has everything to do with my faith.

Not only do I know that God gave me this body and that His Holy Spirit lives in it, therefore I should be a good steward of it, but I also know it goes deeper than that.

For me I develop my faith each time I push my self in an exercise I think is too hard or every time I choose to exercise when I would rather do something else. 


It makes me think of Jesus as He was beaten, ridiculed and then hung on the cross - for me. He didn't give up. He didn't call the angels down to rescue Him or tell God He quit, that He didn't want to go through with it. He did it. 
He endured it. 
He suffered, for me. (And you)

If God can do all of that for me, I can push through a tough run for Him. I can do that last set of double crunches for Him.

There is more.

Each time I practice diligence in exercising, it helps me develop diligence in other areas of life. Each time I exercise self control in the foods I eat, it helps me develop self control in other walks of my life. Each time I choose to do what God has shown me in my fitness journey, it helps me choose what God would have me do in my faith journey. 

I pray to Him as I exercise, especially when I'm running and think I can't go any further. I pray for strength, for breath, for endurance. It helps me rely on Him to go farther than I think I can go, in exercise and in life.

I talk to Him as I'm walking; praising Him, thanking Him or pouring out my heart to Him. I listen to worship music that helps me focus my thoughts on Him or that encourages me in other ways. 

I keep my focus on Him.

My fitness is not just about looking good or even feeling good.

My fitness run helps me develop my faith run.

It makes me stronger for Him - in ALL ways!



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