Saturday, March 1, 2014

My 7 Month THM Update

I had someone ask me for an update on my Trim Healthy Mama journey and I agree it's about time for one.
I started following THM August 4, 2013 by joining the facebook group, reading all the files in that group and reading all of the reviews I could online, although, my book didn't arrive until August 14. I stayed as consistent as possible for the first three months and had amazing results!  I lost 13lbs! Considering I really didn't have much to lose, that was great to me. I went from a size 10 to a size 4-6. I had more energy, slept better as well as needed less sleep and just overall felt much better. With the weight loss I lost inches as well but what surprised me was that I would keep losing inches even when my weight would stall. I was actually a smaller size than what I was a few years ago at a lesser weight. I believe Trim Healthy Mama helps your body lose weight where it is needed and helps get you to your right proportions.

Are you wondering if I have continued to follow THM?

Well, I have, however, it has changed a bit for me. Because I reached a good weight for myself, I quit following it as strictly. I allow myself more crossovers and more cheats than the first three months. In the last four months I have followed the plan very loosely (vacation and holidays) and then returned to it probably 75% of the time and I have maintained my weight with a buffer zone of about 3 lbs. I'll go up those three and down the same three which is completely natural anyway. I haven't taken my measurements in months, but all of my clothes are fitting the same. OH, I should mention that I have NOT been exercising at all. I started several months ago but never stayed with it. 

I have learned to listen to my body and I know when I need to be more strict with the plan and when it is okay to loosen up a bit. I know eating off plan too much makes me feel yucky and just isn't worth it.

One thing I have tried to be very diligent about is staying off of sugar. I'm not saying I never have any, because I do, but I do try to avoid it when possible. I use Stevia, Truvia and Xylitol instead. Sweets really don't taste that good to me anymore anyway and once again, it isn't worth feeling yucky later.

One of the biggest things that help me stay on plan is to be prepared, to plan ahead. I like to make several jars of the singing canary mix or apple pie sip mix and keep in my pantry. I also keep jars of the dry muffin in a mug mixes made up and ready for a quick breakfast or snack. When I know I am going to be out of the house, I like to make up some drinks to take along with me.

It keeps me from running through the nearest drive through for a sweet tea or strawberry limeade! I also usually grab some nuts to take with me. I know that if I get hungry or thirsty and I don't have something easily available, I am way more likely to eat off plan.

How is your journey going? What tips do you have for making it easier to stay on plan? I would love to hear some.

Blessings to each of you,


  1. I have been looking into THM, but haven't bitten the bullet. Wondering how easy it is, really? Would I need a completely different diet than my whole family?

  2. I will try to do a post and go into more detail but give you a simple answer here. There are some things I eat that my family does not but dinner we always eat the same thing. Once you get the hang if it, it is easy to work with a family, even if they don't follow the plan. I know that doesn't tell you a lot but it's too much for a comment :) I'll try to do that post very soon for you.

  3. I'm on my 4th week of THM...I haven't weighed myself yet, because I'm following the book's suggestion and just doing a once-a-month weigh-in. I have never felt so great! I can feel the inches melting away. I know I have approx. 40 lbs. to lose. Sadly, I gained that much in one year after I moved from California back to my hometown in South Carolina and married my high school sweetheart. I guess all the southern food got the best of me! I'm determined to get healthy & be back down in my size 6 so I can wear all the clothes I had when I moved here. Thank you for creating such an uplifting, encouraging, & very informative blog. It's always fun to meet new sisters-in-Christ. I've got two of your recipes on my menu for this week (lasagna & scrumptious steak). God Bless :)

    1. It sounds like you are doing great so far! Ooh southern food is yummy and settling into marriage can put on a few pounds as well. Keep up the good work, you will get to your size 6! Thank you so much for your sweet words and for stopping by, I also love meeting sisters in Christ. I hope you like both of those recipes, be sure to let me know.

  4. Rashel.. Thank you for posting this.. Your blog has been an encouragement. I just have a couple of questions for you.. How did you alternate your S & E's? I just started THM after all the reviews I have seen online.. still I am hesitant.. and not too hopeful.. after pregnancies and 6 live births you can imagine the toll on my body.. God is good so thankful for my kids :) I am so confused to the S & E alternating.. I have seen where you should eat all s in a day (except for adding fuel pulls) then E days... I have also seen alternating S&E in each day.. can you PLEASE give me some tips.. I am 5 ft tall and in a size 10 :( SO wanting to get back into a 4 - 6.. My oldest daughter is getting married in July... so REALLY HOPING that this will finally kick my body back into burning fat... Thanks for any tips in advance..

    1. First, let me say thank you! Second, don't give up hope. THM has worked for many mamas of several babies, you can do this! I recommend you write down your goal and put it somewhere you will see it everyday, it can be very motivating to stay on plan -especially your goal and your reason!
      I think when you are first starting out it is easier to have a full S day or a full E day, then you don't have to worry about what time you ate what, you can just concentrate on learning the categories. I also kept lists of S, E or FP snacks on the fridge for easy reference. FP snacks you can have on either day, that would be great. I like S meals much better than E's, so I really have to make myself eat E meals more often. Once you are comfortable with each category, then you can switch it up during the day, say E for breakfast, then S for lunch and dinner. (that is easiest for me) Everyone has their own preferences.
      Feel free to ask any questions you want and I will try to help. You can also email me at
      You can do it and I truly believe you will love how much better you will feel, I do.