Friday, February 28, 2014

My Six Week Natural Parasite Cleanse and Detox

Today I started a six week detox and parasite cleanse in the hopes of thoroughly cleansing my body and achieving optimum health. I chose to use a natural approach and not purchase any parasite cleanse products or even herbs. It's not that I think those are bad, I don't; I just don't want to use them this time. I want to try to do it with what I have on hand, if I feel that it didn't work well enough, then I may choose to purchase an actual cleanse later. I researched quite a bit and found several articles about how to do a cleanse by using diatomaceous earth, apple cider vinegar and making changes to my diet; I will reference those articles at the end of this post.

Now before I tell you what I am doing, I want to stress that I am not a doctor or an herbalist, this is just what I found that I wanted to try for myself. I encourage you to do your own research and consult your herbalist.  I also will not go into details about why to use each of things mentioned because the articles I have linked have done a much better job of that then I could. I will just share what I am doing and then as the weeks progress I will post updates on my progress or results.

Coconut Oil – put in coffee, tea, drinks, add to smoothies, cook veggies in it, eat a spoonful, rub on hands and face - Goal is to consume 6 TBSP a day

Apple Cider Vinegar – drink throughout the day or before meals, in GGMS, tea, water - Goal is 4-6 TBSP a day

Turmeric – drink singing canary, add to foods

Garlic – can roast or cook with coconut oil, eat with veggies

Onion, olive oil – eat with salads

Dry brush, Epsom salt – brush before bath nightly, ½ cup in hot bath

Kefir, kombucha – keep batches brewing constantly, dairy and water kefir

Probiotics – fermented foods and drinks, make yogurt consistently, sauerkraut, etc

Cinnamon, clove, ginger, oregano – add to anything I can

Exercise – do 30 minutes a day – T-Tapp or aerobic

Eliminate – sugars and grains 

Salads – load up on veggies, especially carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, flax, pumpkin seeds

Diatomaceous Earth - add to water or juice, goal is 2 TBSP daily

Silver - swish in mouth and swallow or take with water, 3 tsp daily during sinus congestion, then decrease to 1 tsp daily

Vitamin C - add to drinks, goals is 5g per day

Drinks - green tea, melaleuca tea, coconut milk (in addition to water and others)

Do not take probiotics within an hour of ACV or DE.

Do this for six weeks, best to include a full moon in the cycle.

I am including a couple other things with this to try to maximize the results.
1. I am only going to use deodorant/antiperspirant when necessary - to allow my body to sweat out the toxins.
2. I am trying to reduce all toxins introduced to my body so I will not use hair styling products and I'm using toxin free shampoo and conditioner.
3. I am using coconut oil as a facial moisturizer as well as swabbing it inside my nostrils.

Here are the links to the articles that I learned the most from. I would love to hear your experiences with cleanses!

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  1. I think your cleanse looks great girl! I'm hoping to start something similar this next week. I need to detox again from my recent sugar overload as well as just get all the other toxins in my body out so that I can feel better. Hoping to include a lot of what you've talked about here as well as lots of chicken broth and GAPS type foods.


    1. I can't wait to hear how yours goes! I plan to do an update post soon and let everyone know how it is going and what I've been consistent on or not :)
      Blessings my friend!