Friday, August 16, 2013

Some of our homestead critters

Today I thought I would just share some pictures of a few of our critters here on our homestead.

This is Tater, my daughter's dog. She is part Australian Shepherd and part Blue Heeler. She is extremely hyper but also very smart. She loves to chase folgers coffee cans, no joke. She will bring you one, wait for you to kick it and then go get it and bring it back to do it all over again. She is much loved around here.

This is are newest addition to our homestead, Timex. Yes, Timex! My husband name her and said she is going to be "a good watch dog". Oh my! Not sure why her head is down in this picture. She has come from being extremely shy to being very loving and follows me around, always wanting petted.

This is our fat horse Rain, her dad's name was Thunder. She is not quite broke to ride, my son is working on that. She is extremely nosy and always has to be in the middle of anything we do in the pasture. She thinks she is the boss of the farm!

These are our donkeys, Hershey and Cocoa. Yeah, I know. They aren't too friendly toward us, but their purpose is to protect the goats from coyotes. So far they have done their job.

This is just one of our goats, Lily. Her last years babies were Calla and Tiger. She is such a sweet, gentle goat. She is my favorite, but shh, don't tell the others.

Hope you enjoyed a few pictures from our farm.


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