Sunday, July 21, 2013

Haying time on the farm

It is hay season at our farm so I thought I would share a few pictures with you (my daughter took these for me). I hope you enjoy.

Some rows have been baled but this one is waiting its turn. My husband mowed it last night, then my oldest son raked it when he got home from work this evening.

Then hubby baled it when he got home. 
As you can see, none of our equipment is brand new, but it gets the job done and that is what's important.

All of our sons help out at hay time, sometimes they find more than just hay.

That is a little snake in his hand. Kind of looks like he is aiming to throw it at his brother doesn't it? He didn't, but my how they like to tease each other.

He did chuck that bale up there though. That is the littlest brother stacking and the middle brother is driving the truck. Daddy is still on the tractor baling.

The sun is setting on our farm.

Blessed to get the hay all stacked in the barn before dark.

Blessings all,

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  1. Lovely photos, Rashel. It's haying time on our farm, too. :)