Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I'm in the mood to clean

Yes, I am actually in the mood to clean, serious deep cleaning! Once in a while I really do get a strong urge to clean and today is one of those days.There are many days when cleaning is the last thing I want to do or to be quite honest, there are just too many other things to do. One of these days I hope to get to the point where my home just stays clean, I know people have those, but it is NOT me!

 My house is picked up and we've been maintaining without much problem but because I had not been feeling well for quite some time and then had to have surgery, the "real" cleaning wasn't getting done. So, today I am going to at least get started. My plan is to do one room at a time and go from top to bottom, cleaning everything I can. I won't be pulling stuff out of cabinets though, that would take forever and my house would still be in need of a good cleaning. No, I just plan to clean today, no decluttering - oh FlyLady would have a fit wouldn't she!

I have a question for you though, my sweet readers - when you really deep clean, how do you do it? Do you do one room at a time, do you do one chore in every room, then another chore in every room (like cobwebs, then ceiling fans, etc) or do you have another way altogether? I would love to hear what you do.

Since I will be working on my home today, I thought I would share just a few random pictures of my home.

This is my kitchen (um, duh). Have I mentioned we have a very small home, which means everything is close, very close!

This is a view looking from the kitchen into our living room. I didn't have a very good picture of the living room, so this is what you get for now :)

This looking into the bathroom/utility room. It is a pretty large bathroom which works well when it holds the washer and dryer, not to mention it is the only one and six people live in this house!

This is a view of our porch, however it is an old picture and things have changed a bit. But hey, it is clean and it gives you an idea of what it looks like!

Don't forget to let me know how you deep clean,


  1. I like to dust the house, clean all the ceiling fans etc. all at one time going by a list I've made up ahead of time. I work on it about a week and then I am done for a little while!

  2. Love your pictures. I like having things clean too. It doesn't always stay that way. But its nice while it last. I'm glad you are healing well from your surgey.

  3. Thank you both for commenting, I LOVE to read my comments!
    I got my kitchen done, the only thing left is the inside of the fridge and I will get to it soon. It feels so good to have my kitchen clean. Now to decide if I do living room or bathroom next :)

  4. So happy to hear you are feeling well enough to clean-just don't over-do!
    I like to completely clean one room before I start another. That way if "life" happens and I must stop for a few days I have at least finished one room.

    I started my deep-cleaning last week. Don't know what got into me. It sure wasn't any cool weather!lol!