Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Starting to feel normal again

I am eleven days post op and I am finally starting to feel normal again. I was ready for the physical pain and tenderness after the surgery and I was ready to be on the couch for awhile while I healed. I was NOT ready for how mentally exhausted I would be. I had great plans of reading and crocheting while recovering on the couch and that didn't happen even one day! I tried to read, really I did, but I was so tired that the words blurred and it was all I could do to keep my eyes open. I tried several times but it was the same each time, so I resolved just to lay on my "daytime bed" and watch endless hours of "Murder She Wrote" DVD's from the library. There were days that I felt good enough to get up and walk to the garden and back or sit on my swing on the front porch, but for a good week, I was exhausted!

My energy, both physical and mental, is coming back slowly. I had my followup appointment yesterday and everything is healing great and I am doing well, praise the Lord. I am still restricted on my activities for a little while but I can be up and around as much as I feel like. I just can't lift anything, reach for anything, or do most of my housework for at least ten more days. The normal heavy lifting, bathing, etc restrictions will apply for another four weeks or so. (Don't worry I am taking showers, just not baths)

I feel today has been my best day so far. I actually walked down the driveway and back - it is .2 miles one way, so it was almost 1/2 a mile! Now, I did go really slow and I know that really isn't that far but it is a big accomplishment for me right now. The best thing about today is that I am mentally feeling better. I haven't felt like doing much of anything and I am starting to get my motivation back, my umpf to get things done. I have a feeling that God took my mental motivation away while I was healing so that I wouldn't over do it. I totally believe that. Now that I am recovering nicely and able to get around, I am anxious to get a few things done each day. I won't push it, trust me, I want to heal properly. I'm talking more about cleaning off my desk, making some yogurt, making my menu plan for when my "blessings of meals" from my friends stops, things like that.

I'm off to read a few blogs and hopefully get some inspiring healthy meal or snack ideas, then to make my menu.

Blessings to you all,


  1. So glad you are feeling better each day.

  2. It was a blessing to be with you today. So glad you are getting better! Love ya!

  3. Aw Rachel...such a lot to go through! SO happy for you that you were able to have the surgery. What a blessing from the LORD. I will pray that you will heal completely and quickly. Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet words of encouragement just after our precious Austin went home to be with the LORD. You blessed my heart. May the LORD richly bless you. In HIM, Camille