Saturday, June 1, 2013

God's Real Temple

     I'm sure many of you have been on countless diets and done numerous exercise routines in hopes of getting in shape. Of course that could just be me but I highly doubt it knowing what a skyrocketing business diet and health are in this country.We all want to be healthy, we all desire to be our best. Right? But let's face it, sometimes that is just plain HARD! I've tried a few different ways of eating and while some of them really work, they aren't things I can stick to for the long term and when it comes down to it, that is what really matters. If I  am not going to stick with it or if it isn't something my family is on board with, it just won't last. Coming to this realization is what led me to where I am now. I have come up with my own healthy living guidelines and I've decided to share them with you. Lucky you ;)

     This year I turn the big 40! Gasp! Honestly, my age isn't bothering me at all but my unwanted weight is and I decided to do something about it before the BIG day gets here. I first started thinking about my beliefs on nutrition and what I believe to actually be healthy. I don't want some fad diet, I want something that I can live with forever. In fact, I don't want a diet, I want a new lifestyle of eating. So what did I do? I came up with my own way of eating. It isn't really anything new and most of it I am sure you have heard before, many times. I just decided for me it was easier to write it out as guidelines for me to eat by. Sort of a way to stay on track with eating healthy. A way to make sure I wasn't cheating all of the time without realizing it. Yes, I do that, just a chip here or a cookie there. You know, don't you?

I still have a lot of things I want to add into my plan, such as scriptures and reference information but because this is the first day of a new month, I really wanted to get it posted and get started. I will fill in the details later, a little at a time. So, here they are and while they are numbered, that isn't necessarily in order of importance.

Guidelines to Healthy Eating
1.Start everyday in fellowship with God. Remind myself I am His temple. Pray for discipline, diligence and wisdom.
2.Take my vitamins and herbs of choice daily
3.Take apple cider vinegar in water, 1 Tbsp. 3times daily, preferably before meals
4.Drink 64 oz of water or healthy liquids daily
5.Eat four servings of fruit daily
6.Eat six servings of veggies daily
7.Eat healthy proteins, serving is size of palm
8.Eat fresh ground wheat daily
9.Eat raw or fermented dairy daily
10.Get 30g of fiber intake daily, drink fiber water before dinner
11. Eliminate all sugar, may have natural sugars in foods, stevia, truvia and use honey for baking
12.Exercise at least 30 minutes 3 to 5 times a week
13.Record weight daily to stay focused.
14. May have one dessert per week that is not “healthy” to avoid binging later.
15. Eliminate as much processed food as possible without obsessing about it.
16. Keep food journal with times to monitor my progress and to be able to track any problems, cheats or triggers that inhibit weight loss. 

    So, there you have it. My custom guidelines for maintaining God's Real Temple. Scripture tells us we are His temple and with these guidelines I will be eating REAL foods, therefore I am calling it God's Real Temple. It is also a reminder that my body is His and I should be taking care of it as much as possible. 

     As I said, I will elaborate on these more but for now, I just wanted to get them posted. If anyone wants to follow along, I would love it! Please, please, please leave me a comment if you decide to. I will be posting frequently to update how I am doing.

Blessings all,


  1. Hey girl! It looks like you are ready to start making some changes! Good for you! Ever since having baby #5, I have been working on getting myself mentally prepared to get healthier. I need my energy to keep up with all these kids :) I'm following the Trim Healthy Mama diet (really it's a lifestyle way of eating, so I hate to call it that). It's very similar to the Suzanne Somers Diet you and I have spoken a lot about. So far I'm seeing amazing results, and am so thankful,and can only give God the glory for my progress! I'm actually less than 50 pounds from my goal weight, and am actually hoping to get there or pretty close by my birthday in August. I'll be 33. Hope we can encourage one another in our walk to be healthier and take care of God's temple!


  2. Sara, it sounds like you are doing GREAT! I am so happy for you.I can't wait to hear more about your THM journey.

  3. I'm sorry for the confusing number with my list earlier, I think I fixed the problem.

  4. Great plan, Rashel! I'm working on a lot of that myself and it's slow going, but I hope that means real change. Keep up the good work!

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