Monday, January 14, 2013

Out with the old.............

I really want to streamline things to make it easier to maintain our home. The first thing I have to do is declutter, MAJOR declutter! I had big plans of decluttering every room over the weekend because I thought dh was going to have to work, turns out he was off Friday and Saturday. (I'm not complaining at all, I would much rather he be home, I can declutter anytime). Anywho, all that to say that I only made it through one room, my kitchen. I did manage to make it through the entire kitchen, every nook and cranny. I emptied almost every cupboard and got rid of what we didn't need or use. I also reorganized/rearranged several of the cupboards to make things more efficient. When my children were younger, we put all of our plates/bowls in a lower cabinet so they were easily accessible for them to set the table, put dishes away, etc. Well, they are all a little older (taller) now and I was ready to put the dishes back in an upper cabinet. I am really happy with how things are now, although it does take some getting used to. 

I also searched online for some new organizing ideas and found a couple I really wanted to try. One of them I finished, but the other I can't find the right tools for yet. Here is the one I finished (with hubby's help).

 Here is a view a little farther a way to get the big picture.

My main goal was to free up counter space and make it easier to clean my counters. Mission accomplished. I found the idea here.

The other project I plan to do- if I can find the right tools is here. I can't find the right kind of broom/mop holders. I will keep looking but for now my spices are all in the drawer that used to house our silverware.

I took two totes of things to my shed for a garage sale in the spring and I gave away a grocery sack of food that my family was not eating. 

I'm not sure which room I will tackle next, but this time I will try to take before and after pictures. I didn't think of it until I was half way through and trust me, nobody wanted to see that chaos!


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  1. You did a great job girl! I LOVE your silverware holders! So cute! I wish I had the wall space in my kitchen, but I am definately going to start thinking outside the box for kitchen organization, and you are right the first step is to declutter...Tomorrow's my kitchen day, and you have given me some motivation to get in there and do some cleaning and organizing. Thanks my friend!


  2. Thanks for the encouragement! Getting ready to declutter myself! Trying not to be intimidated it!!! Eeekkkk!

  3. Thank you Sara and Kathy for leaving me comments to let me know I encouraged you, that means a lot to me. Blessings to you both,