Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Grammar Homeschool Help Needed Please

I am going to humble myself and admit that I need help. There are not many areas that I worry about my children learning "it all", however I have come to notice that they need additional help in grammar. We don't use textbooks, I detest them. We have always had a more relaxed, unit study approach and it works great for us. At the moment we are using Ancient Civilizations and The Bible by Diana Waring and you can see it here.  We have always learned grammar by them writing and I edit it, or by reading or by little ways here and there. I firmly believe in Ruth Beechick's methods and a lifestyle learning approach, I believe children retain more when learned in that way. With all of that said, I would like for them to learn a few more grammar rules and facts and I would like suggestions on what to use. My children range in age from 9-15. What do you use and do you like it? How do you teach your children grammar?

Thank you in advance and blessings my friends,


  1. I've included a couple of links that we have used before. I really like the daily grammar one the best, and still use it when we need it. We also use Harvey's Grammar book regularly. Hope this helps! Hugs! Sara



  2. Hi, this is a really straight forward, not full of frills curriculum. I have homeschooled for 16 years and used this with both my girls. We loved it and it is so easy!


  3. I really like Language Lessons by Emma Serl. They come in primary and intermediate levels and have been such a blessing to us! :)

    Blessings to you!

  4. I realize this post is 2 years old and you may have found something by now, but I will put in my 2 cents anyway. While some subjects work really well with a learn by doing more relaxed approach, I don't think grammar is one of those. I have always used Rod & Staff Grammar/English books. It is a step by step, easily explained grammar approach. All 7 of my children did really well with this program. They may not have liked it all the time, but son who just graduated this year said he will use it to teach his (future) children because he now sees the value in it.