Monday, January 28, 2013

My Azure order for the month

I have just recently started ordering from Azure Standard and have learned that it is not nearly as complicated as I used to think it was. I wonder why I do that, why do I let myself get so caught up in the details of everything and thinking I have to do it perfectly before just trying something new? Ok, so I don't do that with everything, but I did do it with Azure and I have done it in the past with other things. I just get intimidated with big, new things sometimes when really, it isn't a big deal at all.

*Note to self, my son is very much like this and extremely dislikes trying new things, even to the point of tears at times, now I understand where he gets it. I really hadn't realized I was behaving this way until I started thinking about/writing this post. By the way, I am certain that my grammar in this post is horrific! I hope you will forgive me and love me anyway.

Okay, back to my order, because I know you are just dying to know what I ordered. I mean really that is the whole reason you even started reading this post in the first place isn't it? And it's the reason you are reading through all of my rambling, to know what I ordered and how simple it is, right?  Well, I won't make you wait any longer, here it is...........

(please don't look at the mess behind, focus on the products, thank you - I appreciate your cooperation)

So, the biggest brown bag is a 50lb sack of organic potatoes (22.50), isn't that just cool! The other brown sack is a 50lb bag of wheat berries (32.40). Yay, I was completely out. There are two 3-lb bags of organic apples (3.00 each), I ate one as soon as I got home and boy, was it delicious. Also, a gallon of coconut oil (40.55), a gallon of raw ACV (8.80),  1 lb. of chicken broth powder (4.75),  1 lb. of ceylon cinnamon (14.80), 5 lbs of sea salt (2.35),  39 oz organic small white beans (3.85), lettuce seeds (1.80) and roastaroma tea (3.65). 

 I discovered this morning I absolutely love the roastaroma  and didn't order nearly enough. I am trying to get away from so much coffee, but I honestly just love my coffee. This seems to be the perfect solution. The ceylon cinnamon is supposed to be a much healthier cinnamon and has many more health benefits than regular cinnamon. I recommend researching the different kinds of cinnamon for yourself, it's very interesting. One kind can actually be harmful if taken too frequently, but not ceylon. My husband is actually the one that researched it, started mixing it with honey to treat colds and recommended it to coworkers. We ordered three extra bags because his coworkers wanted to order some too! I ordered the lettuce seeds because I'm anxious to get my garden going, although it is too early yet. So, my plan is to try my hand at some indoor plants. I know the coconut oil seems expensive if you aren't familiar with it, but it is actually a very good price. If you aren't aware of the health benefits of coconut oil, I also suggest you research that. I no longer use shortening or lard, I use coconut oil. It tastes great and is SOOO much healthier for you. As for the produce, I can't always buy organic, so I have decided to focus on the dirty dozen and try my best to buy those items organic. Azure Standard helps me do that because they have great prices. We have been eating a lot of potatoes lately: potato soup, mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, etc. Now, I can feel even better about  fixing them because they are organic! 

I better run, I need to go grind some wheat and make some bread now that I have more berries!

Blessings my friends,

P.S. If you are like me and sitting on the fence about ordering from Azure, bite the bullet and do it. It is super easy and you will love it. They have people to help you with your first order and they are super nice. I didn't have any trouble finding a drop location near me and I even get reminders of my cut off and pick up dates. To be real honest, I actually think it is fun to go pick up my order, help unload everyone's boxes off the semi and meet the other families ordering as well!  If you have other questions about ordering, just ask me and I will try to help. :)


  1. Girl, another thing you and I are JUST ALIKE! I have put off and put off ordering from Azure for years now! I am determined to order from them this year and place my first big order with our income tax money this next month. Thank you for the encouragement, and I loved hearing about all the great stuff you got!


  2. At times it's so hard to try something new.
    Just checking back for any new items you may have posted.
    I left a note of invitation in the comment section on one of your past posts’ and invited you to follow my blog. Just in case it was accidently overlooked, just want you to know the invitation is still very much valid…and of course, I am already following your blog.