Friday, February 17, 2012

Me Just Being Me

This idea keeps coming to my mind, I just need to be me. It's like God is reminding me over and over, just be yourself. He whispers in my ear, "I made you the way you are, why are you fighting it?"  He is encouraging me that I don't have to keep up with all the other women in this world and they don't have to keep up with me. You don't have to keep up with them or me. You are free to be yourself.

Women can find such encouragement from the Duggars, the Phillips and many other well known Christian families, but your family may never look like their families. So, why do you allow yourself to believe you are not living up to the standards those families "seem" to set? I believe that if you were able to sit down with Michelle Duggar and have a heart to heart with her, she wouldn't want you to compare yourself to her, or compare your family to hers. She wouldn't expect you to have as many children as she does or speak in the soft, sweet voice in which she speaks. You aren't her. God made each one of us different. Romans 12 reminds us we each have different gifts and we are to use those gifts the best we can, not long for other gifts or qualities. We are to rejoice in how God has created us, knowing that God does not make mistakes.

This side of Heaven, none of us are perfect. There are areas you struggle with and you realize you need to work on those, but that does not mean you are a failure. It does not mean that because you have a different way of doing things than other women that your way is wrong. Your style is your own, it was given to you by God. Rejoice in your individuality, in every detail about yourself that God specifically created just for you. Pause for a moment, close your eyes and thank Him for making you just the way you are....................

Now, remember those weak areas you have, those are the things you can improve upon. You can learn from other women that are strong in those areas. You can get ideas, glean from their knowledge and learn from their mistakes. But remember, you are not those women! You do not have to do every single thing they do or do it the way they do it. Just take bits and pieces, little nuggets that will help you to improve in those areas that you are weak in. See what works for you and throw out the rest. Most of all, ask God to give you wisdom in those areas before you start seeking wisdom from other women. Rely on His nudgings in those areas and then seek the encouragement of other Godly women.

Blessings my friends,

Growing Home


  1. Very well said, my friend!


  2. God was so wise when he told us not to compare ourselves to each other. I think women especially are overcritical of ourselves and instead of finding encouragement we tend to put down ourselves and find all our shortcomings! Thank you for reminding me that God created us all unique and we all have a purpose.

  3. I so agree with this. God has been working on me in the same area. So many times I try to be like someone else that I admire and then I realize that to do so is saying that God made a mistake when He made me the way I am. I am praying instead that I walk daily in His Spirit and in doing so, I will be just what He desires me to be.