Friday, February 17, 2012

Clutter to cleaning to reorganizing

I don't know what it is about me, but when I really get the urge to do some cleaning, I end up rearranging things. It happened when I cleaned the kitchen yesterday. My poor children are always asking where I moved such and such; it's their chore to put away clean dishes. I just can't help it. I am always looking for ways to make things less cluttered or more efficient and that means reorganizing some things.

I rearrange my living room furniture between 2-4 times a year. I get really bored with it being the same all of the time. I think I got some of that from my mother, I remember her rearranging the furniture as well.

I also realized while cleaning yesterday the reason I don't deep clean very often. I have too much clutter to put away that I never get to the real cleaning. Most of my time is spent picking up things my children leave out or just  picking up stuff in general. I really need to focus each day on doing the little things that will keep my home picked up. Then when I get the mood to clean, I can actually clean instead of just putting things away.

I did get some cleaning done yesterday in the kitchen and the living room. I mainly got cobwebs, ceiling fans, dust and swept the floors. We had unexpected company for a couple hours or so which cut down my cleaning time, but I am not complaining, it was some friends we love that we hadn't seen in several weeks.

My goal now is to stick to my home management binder and follow the schedules I have in there. If I do that, the little things and the deep cleaning will all get done eventually and consistently. If you want to read more about my HMB, you can read here. 

Feel free to share your homekeeping experiences with me. I love to read them!


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