Thursday, February 16, 2012

How do you deep clean?

You know those times when your home is really in need of a good deep cleaning, how do you do it? Do you spend a set time in each room, say 45 minutes, and then move to the next room? Or do you tackle one room until you've gone through the whole mess, dust bunnies to ceiling fan, and then move to the next room?

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Yesterday I made some kitchen confessions, you can read it here if you missed it. Well, today I have another sort of confession, my home is in desperate need of deep cleaning. I cannot even tell you the last time I dusted cobwebs or wiped down the ceiling fans. Honestly, I can't tell you the last time I dusted anything. Now, I also have to admit that each of my children has a specific room that is their chore room and they are responsible for cleaning it each day, including the dusting each week. So, I'm sure it has been dusted recently, but not to my standards I'm sure. It seems my children's standards are not quite as high as mine when it comes to cleaning, imagine that.

Well, I think an alien has come and invaded my body, because today I have the desire to really deep clean my home. Yes, really, I am desiring to CLEAN! Strange I know. Actually, every few months I do get this yearning to really clean my home. I most definitely do not have it every day, notice I said every few months!

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Now my dilemma, do I set a timer and clean one room at a time for the allotted time or do I just start in one room and work in there until it is finished before moving to the next room? I have done both ways and I can't really say one works better than the other. I think if I am limited on time, then the timer method works so that I make sure to hit each room. However, I know that with that method there will be things left undone in each room because I will run out of time. Oh the agony of decisions, just kidding.

So, how do you like to deep clean? Or are you organized enough that you don't have to set apart time for deep cleaning, it just gets done along with your normal routines? Mine is scheduled that way, but the funny thing is, it doesn't work if you don't follow the schedule!

Blessings to you in whatever you do today,


  1. Just a quick update, I chose setting my timer for 45 minutes and starting in the kitchen. Of course, my timer went off and I kept working until I finished the chore I was doing. Okay, I am taking a short break and then on to the living room!


  2. I have never been diagnosed with ADHD or anything, but I have never been able to stay on one particular task for long. Even in school I would set aside my incomplete math homework and start my history, just because I was bored of math! That said, when I really clean I do just whatever I see. For example, I get out my cleaning caddy and don my apron. I (we) usually start with clutter. From there I just sort of do what bothers me the most. Lots of fingerprints on the windows? Wipe them. Then the door facings may be next if I think they're super dirty, or I may wipe fingerprints from the appliances.

    I know that this method is far from efficient, but I would go crazy being in the same room for 45 minutes! I wish I could, but I just can't. And besides, it all ends up getting clean which is what matters. :-)

  3. Elizabeth, I think it is great that you have figured out what works for you! We are all different so all of our styles of cleaning will be different too. Thank you for sharing yours with me.