Monday, August 15, 2011

Keeping My Home - Or Not

I'm so glad today is Monday and the start of a new week. We have been super busy lately and I can't even tell you why. I guess we've just had alot extra going on lately, and I have to say, I don't like it. My home has suffered and now it's time to catch up. I had a big to do list ready for today but most of it did not happen because I spent too much time in the garden. Now I have to admit, my garden needed the attention. My summer garden flopped, so I am working on a fall garden. It is doing really well with canteloupe, spaghetti squash, cucumbers, watermelon, tomatoes and herbs. I want to get some other things started soon but had to quit for the day after realizing it was 1:30 and we hadn't had lunch and the only thing that had gotten done in the house was 3 loads of laundry (which are still waiting to be put away). However, my garden got tilled, weeded and some panels put in for vining up the canteloupe and staked the tomatoes. Much better now!

I have been struggling greatly with keeping up with my home. There have been several times lately that I've been ashamed to have anyone show up at my house. Most of it is just stuff out where it doesn't belong and doesn't take long to put away, but it seems to be a constant thing. I'm working this week on changing that and getting back into the groove of keeping my home. I want my home to always be comfortably clean with a delicious snack and fresh lemonade ready for any company that might stop by. Is that too much to ask? Well, honestly, some days I guess it is. I need to start saying no more to outside extras and yes more to staying home and taking care of my family and home. Now, lest you think I'm terrible; the outside activities have been VBS, church activities, helping friends move, etc. So, it isn't like I'm spending all my time at the mall (ICK!) but I did spend a couple days scrapbooking with a friend.

Anywho, I'm ready to buckle down and take back control of my time and my home. I hope to post updates this week as I go. I will also try to get some pictures of my garden to share with you, because I really enjoyed seeing Crystal's garden here.  My is not near as nice as hers, but it works for me.

How are you doing at keeping your home?


  1. I feel you! I really do! I don't know what has been my problem lately. I keep finding other things to do instead of my housework. And oh is my house suffering for it! I actually thought today about what a horrible role model I was being for my daughter. There are just some days that I feel so overwhelmed. But then I realize that by letting my house go only makes me feel even more overwhelmed. It is so frustrating! I have got to get back on the ball with things though. I would be mortified if someone came over right now!

  2. Rashel,
    I think we all have times like this. We have been very busy with helping out church families and outreach lately too. I am having to learn how to manage my home as well. I have found that having my children help out on a daily basis has been a tremendous blessing. I am sure you will find a good balance.