Monday, August 15, 2011

Pictures of my garden

Here are a few pictures of my little garden. I know the quality isn't the best but I took them with my cell phone. I hope you enjoy!
On the left with the panel arched over is the canteloupe. The panel that is just standing up is lined with tomatoes and basil plants. To the right of those are more herbs.

The big patch to the right is watermelon. The patch in the back is spaghetti squash mixed with cucumbers and canteloupe. Same as below.

I hope to plant some broccoli, cabbage and a few other fall crops soon.

*On a side note, just wanted to let you know as of tomorrow I'll be offline for a few days. This will be a good time for me to focus on my keeping my home. Please leave me comments anyway and I'll read them when I'm back online.  What do you like to plant in your fall garden? 


1 comment:

  1. My favorite things to plant are cucumbers and tomatoes. I also like any kind of herb. Unfortunately, we are at a rental house right now and are not allowed to alter the yard. But, the Lord has blessed us with neighbors who have a garden and they bring us gifts from their abundance!

    Love the pictures of your garden. It looks wonderful.

    Blessings, Jackie