Thursday, May 29, 2008

Titus 2 - Our Homes #8

I wasn't certain what I would write about today, so I decided to pray and ask the Lord what He would have me to say to you ladies this day. I pray that I have listened well and am following His guidance with this post. I feel led to discuss order in our homes which leads to our preparedness. There are many different areas of order in our homes; order of leadership, order of children (behavior) and order of our belongings and affairs. This last area is the area I would like to disuss today. I feel part of our roles as keepers of the home is to make sure our home is in order, as well as our affairs such as appointments, important records/papers and expenses/bills. I believe we should aim to have our homes set up so that if a crisis would occur, someone else could take over our responsibilities with little effort. There are many ways we can have things in order so that we are prepared for the unexpected. We can keep our pantries stocked with necessities that our families use regularly; in case of power outages, skyrocketing gas prices, tornadoes, floods or other such instances. We can keep a calendar updated with upcoming appointments or special events, along with a list of phone numbers and addresses for such events/appts.; in case we become ill or injured and are unable to remember such things, etc. We can keep a weekly/monthly schedule of chores such as watering plants, changing sheets, air filters, etc. so anyone else can easily see when such tasks need completed or were last done. We should have a list of emergency numbers such as fire, police, and poison control. Would you quickly know what number to call if your child swallowed a poison? Or would you lose valuable time trying to find the number? We should have a list of all doctor's names and numbers, credit card information, monthly bill information, etc. so that anyone would be able to take care of our finances if the need occurred. Yes, I am saying we need to be prepared for the worst and have things in order so that, if something should happen to us, our husbands or other family members would be able to take over with little effort to keep our families and homes running smoothly. We do not know what tomorrow will bring, only our Heavenly Father knows. I pray that nothing like this ever happens to any of us, but we must prepare for such a thing. I have read many tragic stories lately about unexpected deaths in peoples lives, it happens and it could happen to us. I want you to think about a few things and I mean seriously consider them. What if one of your children suddenly became seriously ill or injured, or worse yet, was killed; would you be able to focus your energies on the present needs or would you be worrying about what you/your family would wear because all of your clothes are dirty? Or worrying about what you would eat because your pantry is bare? Would you be in the right mind to remember an appointment and reschedule it, or pay a bill? Would you be unable to accept hospitality from others because your are too embarrassed by the disorderly state of your home to allow them in? Let us prayerfully consider ways we can get our homes in order and be prepared for what is to come. Another side of being prepared in our own homes, is that it allows us to serve others when needs arise. If our homes and families are taken care of, we will be prepared to help others in their trials without hesitation.

The Bible encourages us to be prepared, read 2 Kings 20:1, Matt 24:44, Matt 25:10, Mark 13:35, Luke 12:35 & 36, Rev 19:7 for sampling of such encouragement. Yes, alot of these are in reference to our hearts being prepared for the return of our King, but I think we can apply them to our lives and homes as well.

I encourage you today, to take time and start a list of things you need to do to have your home in order and be prepared for those things which are to come. Today, I plan to make forms to put in my control/home journal; such as the lists I described above for emergency numbers, addresses, special dates, etc.


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