Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Titus 2 - Our Homes #7

Blessings to you my friends. I hope today is finding you well and I also hope you are beginning to see a difference in your chosen area. I sure am and it feels good to be making progress. Are you seeing a change for the better? Has anyone else in your family noticed? You are doing great by taking this time to bless your family. I am proud of you.

I have really been cleaning alot this week because my hope is to get my house clean and manageable; then, keep it that way with my routines and decluttering. Next week, I plan to start following FlyLady's zone work so I can continue with my deep cleaning and decluttering in each area of my home. It is my own desire to start with a clean home, not "just jump in where I am" like she suggests. That just doesn't work for me.

Yesterday I received "More Hours in My Day" by Emilie Barnes and I am really looking forward to gleaning some wisdom from her about getting my home organized and functioning better to allow "more hours in my day". I got it off I just love that website and I will add the link to my sidebar so you can check it out if you want. If you do decide to try it and sign up, if you follow my link, I will get a credit for referring you. :)

Today I tackled the bathroom: cobwebs, lights, mirrors, sinks, toilet, walls and shower/tub. I do need to do the floors but that might wait til this afternoon. I haven't yet gotten to my chosen area, but it is on my to do list. I did have my devotion time this morning and did my AM routine before hitting the bathroom. Let me know how you are doing today and thank you to all that are commenting. I truly love to hear from each of you!


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  1. Hey ladies, I just wanted to post what I got done today and hopefully encourage someone else. After I posted earlier, I kept laundry going and sorted it as I went. I have one more load to dry and the rest is waiting for my children to put away. I also decluttered, organized and rearranged my children's room. (I only rearranged some of it). I swept all the floors and picked up the living room and kitchen. I also have all the dishes done; until supper anyway. :) I was getting our home ready for Daddy's arrival when he called to say he would be a little late, so I am on here updating all of you. I am going to finish up the laundry and then read until it is time to start supper. I hope you have all had a wonderfully productive day. I have to admit something though, I slacked for awhile today and surfed the web catching up on some blogs I have missed and really not wanting to clean anymore after doing the bathroom. However, the Lord stirred me to just do a little more and then I was motivated to tackle my children's room. I do feel so much better to have gotten it done; especially since they asked me to do it yesterday and I didn't get to it. Have a wonderful evening,