Thursday, April 3, 2008

My confession of guilt

Okay dear friends, I am laying it out for you. I have had this feeling of guilt hovering over me because I have not been consistently posting here. I have decided however, that hanging onto that guilt is silly and only adding stress to my life - which I don't need! I have been thinking about this area of concern and have come to the conclusion that I will post when I can and when God has placed something on my heart. I know all of you will understand, you all have lives of your own and understand how things can come up and keep us busy. What is keeping me busy right now? Children, homeschool, spring cleaning and a goat that is ready to go into labor at any moment. Oh yes, baseball season has also arrived and this year we have four children playing on three different teams! Add that to the frequent storms which require me to shut down my computer and that equals no time to post. So, all of this to say, that I am laying down my guilt and relying on the assumption that you have compassion and understanding for me. I do suggest that if you don't want to have to check this site all of the time for updates, just enter your email on the sidebar and you will get the latest posts emailed to you as soon as I post. I don't send any other emails and I don't give out any information about you at all! It is just an easy way to stay updated without having to come to this site all the time.

Until my next post, I have a great post from another lovely lady for you to enjoy. Visit Kim here to read "Our Places on The Team". She does a wonderful job encouraging us wives and moms in our God given roles.



  1. No guilt necessary dear! We all have so, so much going on in our lives right now. There will be seasons in your life when there will be no time for things like this, and there will be seasons in your live where you have too much extra time on your hands. So no worries!

    Aaah, baseball season! My husband and I usually coach, but have decided to sit this season out and just be spectators of the sport. We kind of got burnt out.

    We'll be moving next week, and I probably won't be around too much for a while. We just found out that we're expecting baby # 4, which adds to the busyness (and exhaustion, I might add, lol)We'll all find time again soon, but now we're doing the work that the Lord intended, taking care of our families and homes. Talk to you soon, my friend!

    Blessings, sara

  2. Rest your guilt, dear girl. As Sara said, we all go through different seasons.

    Thanks for thinking that my blog entry was worthy of mentioning. I really appreciate it and am humbled that it ministered to you in some way.

    Blessings from Ohio, Kim Wolf<><

  3. Conviction comes from God! Guilt comes from the enemy. Perhaps the Lord is the one laying on your heart the need to re-direct your focus! Whatever you do feel led to share here is always a blessing...and at times certainly convicting! So, be free of your guilt and may the Lord richly bless you and your family for all you invest in them!!!!
    Many blessings, dear friend- look forward to hearing from you as you are able!!
    ~Richly Blessed Mom of 4