Thursday, January 17, 2008

Love of my husband

I just wanted to share something with you sweet ladies. I have thought of this often but for some reason, it really struck me today. I was thinking about how much more I love my husband today than I did while we were dating or first married. I love him more now than I did last year. I can't say that he has changed, he is very much a Mr. Steady but more that God has done a work in me to appreciate him more each day. God has helped me to realize the ways my husband shows his love for me, even if they are not the ways I would choose. God has helped me to become a more loving, respectful and submissive wife. I am far from perfect and God still has work to do in me in this area, but I have come along way from the day we got married. I pray that each of you can say this about your marriage as well. If you can't, I pray you will ask God for guidance so that one day you will be able to give this testimony as well.


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