Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My relationship with my children

Greeting to you my friends,
Today the Lord is really putting it on my heart that I need to spend more time just playing with and enjoying my children. He has been convicting me in this area for a little while but really so during the last couple days. I have been guilty of getting caught up in my own things and letting them to their own things as well. Now, of course they are always nearby and I can monitor them for their own safety but that isn't the same as spending time with them. I need to make a conscious effort today to just have fun with them. I think maybe we will make some cookies later, play a board game, read some books and they can help me with the laundry and just a real quick pick up of the house. I need to strengthen those bonds we have and create an even deeper, loving relationship between all of us. I don't think that just because children become teenagers that they have to have a bad relationship with their parents and I intend to do all I can to insure that doesn't happen around here.
What do you do to have fun with your children? How do you make sure you are actually reaching their hearts and building those bonds with them?


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  1. Rashel,
    You are doing wonderful things for your family. You should reap a wonderful harvest during those teenage years since you are sowing many of the right seeds.

    I too try to spend much time with my children. I mean realy listening to them, hanging on every word that comes out of their mouths. I make sure that every child has their turn to talk or share their ideas while the others listen.I spread my love and time evenly about.

    There will be time for all of those other things after the children have left our home.Our time with our children is precious time that should not be wasted.
    Others may think that I need to spend more time cleaning my house instead of playing with my children. But they don't realize that time well spent with my children is far more important than having a spotless house.
    I am sure you know about Martha and Mary and what Jesus thought of Martha. Well, I have a lot of Marthas in my family who just don't understand me.One said to me'" I wish I could be more like you, let my house go and focus on my children." I took this as an insult since my house was very clean that day, just some craft stuff all over the luivingroom floor where we were playing.
    Now her children are teens and they are giving her many troubles. She has a spotless, well decorated home though.
    I feel sorry for her and for other mothers who have trouble seeing what is most important, the children and their husbands.
    maa's mom