Monday, December 10, 2007

Modest dress was only the beginning

Dear ladies,
I wanted to share a few things with you about the conviction God has placed on my heart regarding modesty. Some of you may know some of this from posts on my other blog but I want to share it with those just joining this walk and maybe tell the rest of you something new. God first started convicting me about modesty earlier this spring, around March/April 2007 so I prayed about it and studied the word. I discussed it with my dh and I prayed some more. Finally, the Lord showed me that He wanted me to dress modestly and the best way for me to be modest was by wearing long skirts or dresses, as well as modest tops. I again spoke to dh about it and while he didn't feel it was a command for women to wear skirts/dresses only, he did feel it was a command for women to dress modestly. He said if I felt led to wears skirts only, he was okay with that and we agreed he would tell me if there were outfits he didn't like or made me look "frumpy". I still wanted to look nice, just modestly so. Well, I went on a mission to find skirts for me and my daughter. I did find several without having to spend alot of money as it was garage sale season around here at the time. I tried going skirts only but found many reasons, or should I say excuses, for not staying strong in my conviction. I used excuses like the weather or feeling like I would be "out of place" at certain events and such. I can admit now however, that was only my selfish, world pleasing flesh that was fighting my spirit. When it came down to it, I was afraid of what people would think if I went to skirts only. Why did I care? Wasn't I to be pleasing God not man? Finally the first of September, God was convicting me once again and stronger than before. I made the commitment to skirts only (out of the house) and I have been strong in that walk since. I have realized a few things along this walk that I hadn't even considered before. I realized that by following God in His leading in this area, it was almost like a test of my submission to Him. If I was willing to submit in this area, it would help me to submit in other areas, as well as to my husband. I also realized that wearing skirts only wasn't about following some rule set forth but it was about me following God's leading in this area. God led me to this place in my walk and it was up to me to follow Him. He may not lead everyone in this way but it is my responsibility to follow the leading He put before me. Since I have gone to skirts only, I have felt a closeness to Him that I didn't have before but before you say anything, let me explain. My closeness to Him is not because I am wearing a skirt, instead it is because I chose to submit to Him. Wearing skirts is simply the area of my life that He decided to convict me in, this time. Wearing skirts only has also shown me that I am to dress in such a way that is pleasing to God not the world. I am not to stand before my closet and choose my clothing for the day according to what the world says looks good, but according to what pleases God. This has taken a huge burden from me, I no longer have to live up to the world's standard, worrying about the latest fad or coolest fashions. Don't get me wrong, I don't dress like a bum without a care in the world, I am still a reflection of the Lord and His light is too shine through me but I don't have to dress in today's fashions either. I can dress modestly while still having a nice, clean appearance and that is what I strive for. God has shown me, through my submission in this area, many other areas that I should be striving to please Him and not man. I will share them with you but please know that I am not saying everyone has to follow the way I have chosen, you are to seek God's will in your own life.

One of the other areas was in regards to makeup, my belief on wearing makeup is that it is only covering the face that God gave me and in turn saying to Him that He didn't do a good enough job and I need to fix it. Now remember, this is only where I am in my walk, we are all at different places along the path and I am no further than you, nor are you further than me. I am however, further now than I was before and I think that is what should be our ultimate goal, furthering ourselves in our own walk. To me wearing makeup is something I did to please the world, to make my self prettier in the eyes of those around me. I believe God thinks I am beautiful without makeup, how could He not since He is my creator! Let me also say that dh is fine with me not wearing makeup, he doesn't care one way or the other. If he did want me to wear makeup, then I would out of submission to him, luckily, I don't have that issue. This holds true for all of the things I am discussing, I would submit to my husbands preference in any of these areas as long as he was not asking me to sin.

Another area, which is similar to the makeup issue, is coloring my hair. I choose not to color my hair because it would be saying to God that I didn't like the color he chose for me and I could do better. Once again, dh doesn't care either way. In my own mind, if I colored my hair it would be for fleshly reasons, trying to please the world and make myself pretty in the world's eye. I seek to please God in all areas of my life, not the world.

One area I don't think I have talked much about is our home. We have a very small home according to today's standards, it is 900 sq ft. Alot of people have commented that they just don't understand how we do it. It is called contentment, being content with where God has placed us. We are blessed to have our home and our land, we love living in the country. Yes, I would like a larger home, so would dh but we don't covet bigger homes and we don't complain and whine about the one we have. I think that is another worldly, fleshly desire - to believe we must have a big fancy home to be comfortable. Don't get me wrong, there isn't anything wrong with having a big house, if that is God's will for you. We are talking about adding on right now, but we won't do so without God's leading. Our plan 5 years ago was to build a bigger home, God just hasn't led us in that way yet. Yes, we could have taken out a loan and built a home but we didn't feel led to do that. Submitting to God in all things is what our aim should be.

God isn't finished with me yet, there are many areas in which I need his guidance. However, the more I seek Him and I mean honestly seek Him with an open heart and ears to listen, the more He reveals to me. I love the feeling I have when I draw near to Him, when I spend time with Him and seek His ways. I am so thankful that He has never forsaken me and let me tell you there have been many times that I have forsaken Him, yet His grace and forgiveness is new and abundant each day. Praise God for that!!

A couple more things, by submitting to God in these areas, it has made it easier to submit to my husband as well. God is showing me that by submitting to my dh, I am submitting to Him. One of the best blessings that I have received since wearing skirts only was a new friendship!! A sweet and wonderful lady came up to me one Sunday at church and told me I had been a blessing to her by wearing skirts and dressing modestly and that was the start of a wonderful and blessed friendship. God knew I needed the encouragement to continue in my walk and He knew we would be a blessing to each other. God is such an awesome God!

I encourage you to seek God's will in your life and ask Him how you can submit fully to Him. I encourage you to question each area of your life and see if you are striving to please Him or please the world.


  1. Hi Rashel,
    My daughters and I have been wearing long dresses and skirts too. Two yrs. ago I never wanted to wear dresses because it caused a lot of attention on myself. Men would stare at me when I wore a dress, they would smile at me, open doors for me, and go out of their way to do things for me. I thought this was them flirting with me.I did not want to cause this type of attention. I thought that wearing a dress must be showing my figure and they liked it. I was WRONG! They were starring because they are not used to seeing many women in dresses. They were going out of their way to do things for me because they thought of me as a delicate,lady and men will treat a LADY kindly.
    It is true, men will treat a lady kindly. Have you noticed any difference in the treatment you get from others? If a woman becomes more feminine by wearing dresses and behaving like a lady and the weaker sex, then men WILL treat them like a lady.Men will offer to open the door for them,they will offer to load a heavy item into their cart while shopping.
    Most men want to be considerd the stronger sex, they want to be manly men.I wonder what are women doing to these men when they dress like them, show that we are as strong as them, and act like they don't need men.
    Keep on doing as God leads you, you are inspiring others. Who know, you may be the cause of another woman to start following God's lead to being more feminine.
    maa's mom

  2. It is almost 10 years since this post but I am truly enjoying reading. I went to skirts/dresses exclusively in autumn 2015 then floundered Spring 2016 for several months. I am back again and even more convinced that this is God's will for me and my 10 year old daughter. Thank you for the encouragement! Blessings!!