Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lessons From the Trampoline

I heard it over and over....and over.....and over...

"Will you come jump with me?"

-- it's too cold

"Now will you come jump with me, it isn't cold?"

--no, I'm busy

"Mom, will you come jump with me?"

-- I just don't want to jump.

Finally, it slapped me upside the head that my attitude was HORRIBLE! All she wanted was for me to come play with her. Even if I jumped for 5 jumps and then just sat there, she would be happy.  Finally,

"Mom, will you come jump with me?"

--I really am in the middle of this, I will, but let me finish.  A little later, right after I emptied my bladder - that is important. REALLY IMPORTANT. I said okay, come on, let's go jump. She dropped what she was doing and came running, hollaring at her brother to come too. "Come on, she won't jump long!"  So true, she knows me. I just really don't like jumping for very long. Did I mention the bladder thing?

We jumped and jumped. They did flips, I said no way. She fell flat on her back and bounced back up to her feet and said "now you do it". I said I can't! This kept going. They would do something I thought was crazy and then want me to do it, I would say, "I can't." I'M 42!!

Then I got slapped upside the head again (not literally) why do I keep saying I can't. I haven't even tried. Is that what I want them to learn? What difference does my age matter? It's not like I'm 92!!

So I tried. I tried to land flat on my back, but seriously it was hard. I could not let myself just fall back without bracing myself, which made it hurt worse. I did keep trying and she kept laughing!

Then something happened and they thought it would be hilarious to play "don't crack the egg" with me as the egg.

This is where one person lays in the middle of the trampoline in a fetal position, holding their legs and the others bounce you. The "egg" tries not to let go of their legs, which would mean they got cracked. They bounced me and I screamed. Seriously, I screamed. I closed my eyes because if I kept them open, I screamed more - it was too scary. They thought it was hilarious. I would scream and they would laugh.

Then it was time to play follow the leader and I was leader because seriously, I cannot do half what they can do. I did corny things, but they played along. Then, I let them each have one time as a leader and I TRIED to do what they did. They laughed again.

Finally, it was time for me to get off. We've already discussed the why's of this. By the way, I may not be able to walk tomorrow, because that really is a workout!

My lessons for the day-
1.  I had fun jumping on the trampoline, I should do it more often instead of automatically saying no. Plus it counts for exercise.
2. Stop saying "I can't" and just try! Who knows, maybe you can!
3. My children love when I play with them - okay, I already knew this one!
4. It does crazy things to my hair.

Blessings my friends,


  1. Looks & sounds like you and your kids had a lot of fun!
    I am guilty of saying "I don't have time right now" way more then I should to my kiddos. I seem to forget that they are only little for a while. The weather in our area is pretty warm for January, close to 60 degrees. I think we may have to get out & play tomorrow after all our homeschooling is done!

    1. Jenny, I think we have probably all been guilty of this. My youngest is almost 13, they definitely grow up fast. I hope you and your kiddos got to get outside and play!