Friday, April 24, 2015

33 Day Challenge Day 1

Yesterday was day 1 of my PrayFit 33 day total body challenge so I thought I'd share how it went. Have you ever heard of Pray Fit? I love it! Jimmy Pena totally relates our faith to our fitness in every aspect and is super encouraging to listen to. My favorite thing about the total body challenge is that it encourages me to do better tomorrow than I did today, keeping my focus on improving myselft not comparing myself to others.

I also love that we only use our own body weight, no other equipment is required - so anyone can do this! It is your basic old school exercises, but put together in the best order for the best effect.

Yeah, totally being real here! I never look fabulous exercising, do you? 
Anyway, I said I'd share my journey and this is part of it, so there you go - me doing a squat!
My plan is to do this every day, in addition to my 3 days a week of 5k training. If that becomes too much, then I won't do the challenge on training days. We shall see how it goes.

As for my eating yesterday, I did well even though we ate out TWICE!! That is pretty rare for us, but it happened. I did the best I could at lunch, Taco Bell, and then stayed on track at Cracker Barrel for dinner (that place is easy).  If you want to know exactly what I ate, I track my food on the Two Grand app, username RashelTHM. That is a great accountability app for me, knowing I have to take a picture of everything I eat and then post it for all to see really makes me think about what is going in my mouth.

I'm excited to keep sharing my fitness journey with you and hope you enjoy it as well. I did take my measurements when I started and I'll give weekly updates as I go, maybe some before and after pics too :)

Have a blessed day today and do something toward better health for yourself today!


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