Monday, March 17, 2014

Becoming a SuperWoman

There are many articles and posts written telling us we can never be a superwoman and we shouldn't even try. We are told it is an unrealistic goal that will only make us feel guilty when we are unable to obtain it. 
Do you believe that? Do you think striving to be a superwoman is unrealistic?
Or do you think that should be our goal?

I think before we answer those questions we should ask one of our own.

Shouldn't we first ask ourselves what a superwoman is?

According to my dictionary super is defined as over and above; higher in quality; very good. I don't really think I need to define woman.  So, I could say that a superwoman is a very good woman, one that goes over and above and is higher quality than the norm.  

So I ask you again, should we strive to be a superwoman? 

I say yes, we should. I think because I am a Christian woman it is even more important because I am representing my Lord. I should be super. I should go over and above what is required. I should be very good.

When I first started thinking about this I thought I would do a "31 days to becoming a superwoman" but to be perfectly honest, I don't do well following those 31 day things. I get busy and quit keeping up about halfway through. So I probably wouldn't be very good at keeping up with writing a series for 31 days either.

Instead I decided to just do a series of posts on "Becoming a Super Woman". 

My idea of a super woman may be different than yours and that is okay, we are individually made with our own ideas and circumstances. When considering what makes us SUPER women, we should first decide what matters to God and then what is important to our family. 

There are many areas we can work on to become a super woman and I've made a list of  a few of them, they are in no order and I will elaborate more in future posts.

1. Relax and not stress over the little things.
2. Do not be judgmental or legalistic.
3. Be in control of our emotions.
4. Respond not react to situations.
5. Calmly train our children, not become upset when they misbehave.
6. Speak kindly, gently, and in an encouraging way; praising more often.
7.  Play with them, talk with them and listen to them.
8. Be the example of how we want them to be.
9. Be selfless, giving, helpful, thoughtful and diligent - not lazy.
10. Be joyful.

I don't expect all of us have trouble with these things ALL of the time, but I do believe there is always room for improvement. Frankly, I struggle with these things more than I want to admit.

If we work on these areas, making diligent effort to become the super woman God wants us to be, I think our families will agree and call us super women. Shouldn't that be our goal?

I plan to break these things down in future posts, discussing what each means, how we might struggle in that area and what steps we can take to improve.  I plan to address areas that pertain to being a wife, a mother and a homemaker.

Will you join me in becoming a super woman? 

Blessings my friends,


  1. Replies
    1. Haha, yeah, it's a little different way of looking at it.

  2. I'm with you. I don't have young children, but I have trouble with numbers 1,3 and 9 especially.

    1. I can struggle with all of them at times! I definitely think some of these apply to every woman, not just those with children. Thank you for sharing!