Thursday, February 13, 2014

Comfort Foods on a Special Day

I feel it is very important that we make sure our children know how much we love them and that we enjoy them. I want my children to know they are special to me and birthdays are a perfect time to show them.

This plate is reserved for special days such as birthdays or other celebratory occasions like winning Grand Champion in goat tying.

The day started with me making her all time favorite breakfast ~

Oh yeah, yummy goodness! Sorry, THM'ers this is not an on plan recipe but I planned this as an "off plan" day for me because I wanted to make my daughter's favorites, not mine, and she is not following THM. That is what is great about THM, it is a lifestyle, not some rigid diet where if I mess up I failed the whole thing.
(Find my biscuit recipe here)

Our birthday tradition is that the birthday person gets to pick which restaurant we go to the evening of their birthday. Well we ended up going out to eat for her birthday on Sunday, so for her dinner yesterday I fixed another of her FAVORITES ~

Yep, spaghetti! She LOVES spaghetti. In fact when we were out to eat for her birthday, she ordered spaghetti but she still wanted me to fix it for her dinner last night! 

Yes, this is an on plan recipe for Trim Healthy Mama's because the sauce is sugar free and I used Dreamfield's noodles. Of course the garlic bread stick that I ate on the side was not!

What special things do you do for birthdays? 

What are your birthday traditions?

I would love for you to share!



  1. We also have a special plate. :-) We inherited it from my mother-in-law-- such an honor!

    1. That is awesome, you're plate has an even more special meaning since it was passed down in the family! Love it!

  2. We use a Red You are Special plate -- very similar to your plate and my kids also get to pick out their favorite meals!

    1. I love hearing other family's traditions on special days, thank you for sharing!