Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Our latest homeschool study

With the Winter Olympics starting next week I decided it would be a great time to study some of the participating countries. There are 90 countries participating this year so we will not get to cover them all, but we will pick some that interest us and focus our attentions there. I am hoping to learn a little about each country we study: such as brief history, geography, their type of government, maybe flag, most common religion and their foods. One of my goals is to cook a meal for each country we study, using one of their most common types of foods.

Around here we take a pretty relaxed approach to homeschooling and normally I let each of my children pick their own "unit" study but we will work on the Olympic study together. Some of the other subjects that I require are bible, math, reading, Spanish, writing (either in journal or a letter) and we alternate typing and music sheets. I print out a pretty generic assignment sheet each week which helps them to keep track of what they have done and helps me keep track of their hours (required in our state).

How do you homeschool? Are you relaxed, unschool, or strict curriculum followers? I would love to hear how your family does it.


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