Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Chocolate Pudding THM - S

I have been searching to find an on plan chocolate pudding that didn't require special ingredients, was really tasty and also the right consistency~ for me, that is a big deal when it comes to pudding. So I was experimenting the other day and came up with this one. It isn't one that you can overindulge in and stay on plan but it is a really yummy, healthy treat!

Chocolate Pudding

2 avocados
2 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup cocoa powder
2 Tbsp Truvia
6 Tbsp unsweetened almond milk
1 Tbsp cream

Put all ingredients in your blender or food processor and mix until smooth. This makes 1 cup of pudding but to keep it an S dessert/snack, your serving size should be 1/4 cup. That was just the right amount for me to satisfy my chocolate craving!


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