Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Two week meal plan - Trim Healthy Mama

I really like to plan my meals ahead of time. It saves me time and money if I know what we are having and do a little prep work ahead of time. It just makes my life easier! I plan two weeks at a time because that is how dh gets paid.  I made my menu plan today and used the planners from Gwen - you can find them here.  They are awesome, thank you Gwen for sharing! I love the little box so I can keep track of my S's, E's and FP's!  I had my menu made once and had to redo it after doing these boxes because I realized I had VERY few E's in my plan!

A few things before I share my menu plan, first you should remember my plan probably won't work for your family. We have different foods on hand then you do I am sure and our tastes are probably different from yours. So, please don't feel like you should just copy my plan for your family, I doubt it is best for your preferences. Second, we eat a lot of leftovers for lunch. That is how we use them up because dh is usually gone during lunch and he really does not care to eat left overs. Third, I did not fill in the snack area because it will totally be up to what I am craving at that time or what I have on hand that is on plan.

Okay, here it is. I hope you enjoy and if nothing else it gives you an idea on how to menu plan for your family.

I hope this works ok for you. It is the only way I could get these files in this post.


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