Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yard work on the homestead with pictures

I was able to take advantage of the beautiful weather today and get some work done outside. It was long over due work! I am not proud of the before pictures but I will share them anyway. Things just get over run and look pitiful through the winter around here sometimes. It didn't help having the barn fire, it made more to clean up and no where to store stuff. It's just life and I might as well not try to sugar coat it. Maybe someone else will even be encouraged if they too let things go sometimes.

Here is our front right flower bed before:
Here is after:

and the left side front before:

and after

Please don't look too close at the rest of the picture. I still have some work to do :)

Here is our side bed before:

and after:

I also worked in the garden today and got almost everything planted. However, I will save that for another post. I hope you enjoyed the pictures. Have a blessed evening!



  1. the before-pictures are never fun to share, but they make the after-pictures extra sweet!

    It looks great. And I'm sure it feel really good when you pull up the driveway and see all your hard work.

    Can't wait to hear more on the garden.

  2. I am encouraged as I look at your photos. I too am working on bettering our home. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you both for your sweet comments! Since I posted those pictures, one of my dogs has decided to dig in one of my flower pots, getting dirt all over the place. Ugh!! AND something has eaten several of my plants in the garden, those rascally rabbits!! :) All is good though, just part of life on a homestead.