Tuesday, April 10, 2012

They don't realize it's writing practice

Yesterday for our history lesson we watched Normandy: A Final Farewell by Vision Forum. Since then part of my two youngest children's play has been acting as if they are off in a war with the Germans. While they are "away at war" they are writing me letters to let me know how they are and then in turn, I have to write back. It is the sweetest thing to read these letters. Here are a couple samples:

From my 9yo dd:
Dear Mom,
It's very tough being away from you. I hope you're doing fine. We are doing fine right now. German attacked today. I miss you very much. I love you. I hope I can write a lot.


From my 11 yo ds:
Dearest Mother,
It's been a long journey but we made it. I will see you soon. we have been attacked twice in two days. I will write to you as much as I can.

All my love!

There are grammar mistakes, but I do not correct them. Some of the letters are in cursive, some are not - as they are just learning cursive. I write each of them back and after a little while I will get more letters. I believe that even if there are mistakes in their grammar, they are learning to write letters and will also see proper grammar in my letters. It also gives them a way to practice cursive without practice pages. I just had to share that not all learning comes from workbooks and practice pages. Plus, I thought it was sweet.


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  1. I LOVE this!!! You are doing a great job mama! Proud of you!

    love ya,