Friday, April 13, 2012

Garage sale finds

This weekend a nearby city is having their citywide garage sale, it is a HUGE event. You can go all day Saturday and not nearly go to all of the sales, so, I started yesterday!  We actually went to town with hubby to eat lunch and between eating lunch and getting ice cream for dessert, we decided to let our bellies settle a little and kill some time looking for early garage sales. We found several! We went to some, got ice cream and then went to some more. It was so much fun.  Here is my favorite find from yesterday.

I found this at a sale for $20. It is a Cosco brand. I just love these chairs. I remember my Great Grandmother having one in her kitchen. I had seen another one earlier in the day but for some reason wasn't compelled to buy it like I was this one. 

I called my Mom this morning and was telling her about my find and she said she would love to have one and if I saw another for about that price, would I get it for her.  So this morning we went back to town to the garage sale I had seen the first one at to see if it was still there. 

Yep, it was still there. It was also $20. So I got it for my Mom and then sent her a picture of it from my phone. She loves it!

I am going back tomorrow with my Mom and sister, we go every year. My children went with me today but they will be staying with a friend tomorrow because they get way too worn out when we go ALL day.


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