Monday, April 23, 2012

Modest Monday

I love to read the Modest Mom blog and especially love the Monday link up and all the wonderful blog I can visit from their to read about other modest ladies. Today I thought I would share as well. 

This is what I wore to our Saturday evening home fellowship group. We had been workin in the yard all day cleaning up some of the barn fire mess and I didn't feel like "dressing up", so I went casual. The shirt is a 3/4 length baseball t shirt hand me down from some friends and the jean skirt is from a garage sale. You can't see it, but I had tennis shoes on with ankle socks.

I should have taken some pictures of what I wore to work in the yard I guess, but it was similar to this. I just wore an old jean skirt and a t shirt, you can do about anything in a skirt. I have even ridden my horse in a skirt, but that is a picture for another day!

Have a blessed Monay.


  1. You look beautiful, Rashel..and very comfy. :)

  2. LOve the outfit. It looks like what I wear. I love long jean skirts.

  3. You look beautiful! And I love the shirt, that's the name of my son's little league team!

    love ya,