Thursday, April 5, 2012

Homeschool decisions

If you have followed me much the last few months, you know I have been struggling with what curriculum to use for the fall. I prayed about it, spent countless hours researching online and going back and forth between a few final choices. Well, God finally knocked me upside the head a few times and I realized what He was leading me toward. Yes, I am a little hard headed and He had to show me three times!

I'm sure you are just dying with anticipation, aren't you? (Just kidding). He guided me to Vision Forum resources. I have always been a huge fan of Vision Forum, we love all of their products. I know they don't have a "typical" school curriculum, but I didn't really want that anyway. What we will be using are some study course sets they offer: History of Christianity and Western Civilization and the WWII: D-Day and the Providence of God. We also got the Normandy: A Final Farewell DVD. You can see them all here. A few other resources I got are the Webster 1828 Dictionary and the Blue Back Speller, an audio CD about George Washington and an audio CD about Honorable Language. We also decided to use Balancing the Sword for our Bible study (see it here). I am very excited about all of these resources and we aren't waiting until the fall to start them, we have already begun using some of them.

For science, we will be using Switched on Schoolhouse Science. I have already purchased (used) the program for my 7th and 8th grader, they will be using the same one. So far, they enjoy using the computer for this portion of their schooling. I have not ordered my 3rd and 5th graders yet, I'm still looking for used for it.

We use Math U See for all of our math subjects. They will get their writing assignments from our Vision Forum products. I think that will be plenty for us, well, that is until we get a Spanish and music program!

I love the peaceful feeling I have when I finally follow the Lord's prompting. Would you like to hear how He gently nudged me toward Vision Forum? (If not, you can quit reading now) :)  I had decided that if the Vision Forum book Building a Curriculum was their deal of the day the next day, I would get it and use it to make our curriculum choices. Well, it wasn't the deal of the day, so I wasn't sure that was what I should do. However, God LOVES to bless His children, and that very same day, I was able to get it for free from paperbackswap! Well, I got it and looked into it and still wasn't sure. So, a few weeks later I was unable to sleep one night (dh was out of town) and I felt prompted to get up and make a list of pros and cons of each of the three curriculums I was considering. I did that and Vision Forum looked like the best choice. Okay, I am feeling a little more led but still not sure. Yes, I told you I am a little thickheaded.  I kept watching and waiting for one of the study courses to be the deal of the day, but no luck, they never were. Remember how I said God loves to bless His children? I was wanting one product to be on sale, but God decided to make almost EVERY product I wanted to be on sale!! That was when He finally got my attention and I knew we were to go with Vision Forum. They had their Spring sale for 7 days and almost every product I wanted to order had a very good discount that week! God is so amazing! His ways are so much better than our ways.

Blessings my friends,


  1. Wow, what an awesome story of God's leading you! I hope you guys enjoy your new curriculum choices my friend! Love ya, sara

  2. Dear Rashel

    I've been following your blog for a while and find it very inspirational and encouraging. I have just given up work to live a life of simplicity, frugality and to focus on my faith more. We will have financial sacrifices to make but I think it will be worth it for us as a family.

    Glad you got your HS resources sorted. I HS'ed my youngest through preschool years and used alot of resources from the States [Math U See for one] as we don't have the same abundance of choice here in the UK.

    Wishing you and your family blessings of the Easter Season on this Good Friday.

    Sharon xx

  3. Sara, thank you!!

    Sharon, I am so excited for you that you are getting to stay home. The financial sacrifices will definitely be worth it. I believe God desires women to be in the home and therefore, I believe He will bless you for obeying Him.