Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Moody Science Videos opinions needed

I was just wondering if anyone has seen any of these or used them for science and what your opinions were? I really appreciate any feedback as I haven't seen any of them.
Thank you so much,

*Or if you have any recommendations for other biblical science videos, I would appreciate those too. Based on the way some of my children learn, I know videos would work well for them. Thanks again.


  1. They have them at our library and we've seen quite a few....they are a bit slow and long for my kids....and me too actually. The content is good just not super attention keeping for us.

  2. We have the whole set and we love them. They do sometimes get long, but I will usually just shut them off and start them again later. For the most part though every (ages 5 and up) one will sit and watch 1 whole video. I love all the cool facts I learn when we watch them. Even just seeing the pictures is awesome! And the kids will frequently turn on the extra music feature which is just random videos set to classical music with scriptures and hymns playing.

    I'm not sure what all you're looking for but we also really like the Jonathan Park Audio CD's. We have them playing non stop in our car. ALL my kids love them and they too are FILLED with science facts. We have learned so much regarding creation vs evolution just from listening to the Galapagos Island one. And the Zoo one is really cool to learn very cool facts about a lot of different animals. :D

  3. My son got 3 for his birthday and loves them! The creation viewpoint is wonderful.

  4. These are wonderful. We have them all. So God honoring. They are older, but my children don't care about that. I have learned so much from them myself.