Sunday, January 15, 2012

Any living book suggestions?

I could really use some help finding really good living books to read as part of our home educating. Not only would I like find good books, but I want to know the time period they cover (if you happen to know it). If you want the long explanation of why I want to know, you can read my last post about changing the way we home educate here. If you want a short explanation, we are going to use living books as the primary source of learning history, geography and social studies. I just want to read really good living books but do it in chronological order. Maybe you know of a website that has already done all the work for me and has a list, or maybe you just know one book; either way, I would appreciate your help. I do plan to look at a few curriculum websites that I think have good reading books such as Sonlight and Trail Guide to Learning.

Thank you in advance for any help you are willing to give, I truly appreciate your time!



  1. Hi,

    To find good living history we use Sonlight and Veritas Press catalogs as well as a All Through the Ages, by Christine Miller. She writes the amazing The Story of" books.
    I also want to second The The Mystery of History comment recommendation from the last post... it has been our spine through world history.
    Hope that that's not too much information...

  2. I highly highly HIGHLY recommend Truthquest History! We have been doing what you are doing for years, and really love it. Truthquest provides guides with lists of good living books in chronological order, with commentaries in between to help tie everything together. It is Christian based and very affordable. Check it out!