Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I've been motivated to declutter and pictures!

My sweet friend Sara at Blessed Simplicity has motivated me to do some decluttering and cleaning. She started yesterday but I just jumped in today and got moving. It feels so good to get so much done and know my home is a little less cluttered and a little cleaner. I started in the kitchen and then when I was finished there I did a quick clean up in the living room. Our living room is full of furniture but not much to declutter, so I just picked up and cleaned in there.
This is a before of my kitchen. Now I have to say, normally the dishes get done right after our meal but just as dh got home and we were going to eat dinner, company showed up. So, we ate but I didn't make the kids do their kitchen duties afterward. So, they finished those up this morning before I started my declutter and cleaning.

Here's another before.

Here's about the same view after. If you look close, you can see I even decluttered some on the top of the cabinets. I also cleaned under the sink and the medicine cabinet.


Not alot different after, but I did rearrange some things on the shelves.

Our livig room, it is small and crowded with two couches and two chairs but we need that much seating area.
A little cleaner, notice ds2 reading the new Vision Forum catalog. :)

An extra view looking from kitchen into living room.

I posted these with the hopes of encouraging someone else to get up and get moving to declutter and/or clean a room in your home. It feels so good once it is finished. A nice, clean room is so much more relaxing to me. Tomorrow I will be tackling the bathroom. It really needs some work and may even take me longer than a day. Oh, I do want to say though, if you decide to tackle a room and join us in the decluttering; be careful not to let all the other chores and school suffer. It's important to keep up with the regular things as well. We were able to get all of our school and the children's chores done today as well, praise God. Yesterday was a very unproductive day, so today felt great!

Blessings to you all,

.....please be sure to share with us if you do tackle a room of your own!


  1. Looks nice. I did that when we decided to sell our home. I feel so much better and know where everything is now.

  2. Woohoo! You did great!!! It's so wonderful making our homes the peaceful haven that they should be!! Thank you so much for joining in with me!


  3. Chelle, yes, it feels so much better!

    Sara, thank you for encouraging me!


  4. Great work Rashel! Your home is looking beautiful. I have been doing some de cluttering of my own, makes me feel so much better...