Saturday, October 1, 2011

Blessed with a storage shed

After my Grandmother's home got destroyed in the tornado, she bought a storage building to hold everything we were able to salvage from her place while she lived with my Aunt. She recently purchased a new home which already had a storage building. So, she graciously gave us that storage building and moved in her new, larger storage building for herself. Yesterday we were able to move our storage building home! I am so excited because we have such a small home and only one small storage building, we are always in need of more storage. Now dh has a storage building (tool shed) and I have my own, for storing our out of season clothes, rummage sale finds, or just other things that have no place in our house but we want to hang onto. I didn't take my camera with us when we loaded the building (kicking myself), but I did take some pictures after we got home. Hope you enjoy.
Dh and ds1 making sure it is where we want to unload it.

Just checking it out.
We asked a friend to bring his skidsteer over to help us unload it, it took a fraction of the time it took to load it! I missed the back side being unloaded but was able to get a few pictures of front side.
All unloaded, safe and sound!
I can't wait to start moving my stuff into it. Dh wants to put some concrete cap blocks under it first. I went to town yesterday to get some (why I missed the back being unloaded) but the home improvement store was out of them :(

It will be so nice to get my porch cleared off of the stuff I have there; I had piled some totes there knowing the storage building would be here soon. I also have some things I can move out of the house to free up more space in there too. Such a blessing, thank you Grandma!



  1. I really enjoyed perusing your blog. Wish we could be friends. Here is one of our blogs:

  2. Good for you, Rashel! It's HUGE... and I know you're excited to get it. It really looks nice. Enjoy, sweet sister!!


  3. Rashel, I found you on Elisabeth's blog. I have read some of your older blogs and I enjoyed reading.
    I especially saw the music blog for your children. I taught music at a Christian day school. Playing by ear is good but I suggest a beginners book and a theory book to go along with it. Knowing music and having an ear is best. Once a child starts by ear it is hard for them to take music. I know from my own daughter. She just had that ear to play what she heard. But she could not play in every key.

    I invite you to stop by and visit. If you like just become a follower.