Friday, September 9, 2011

A question for all my readers..

While I know that we all have different circumstances, family size and obligations; I do have a question for all of you, simply because I'm curious.  What time do you rise each day?

Then, if you wouldn't mind, what does your morning routine look like? Again, I'm just curious as to how some of you do things.

Since I asked you, I will share mine :)  Normally I rise around 6:15-6:30. My routine is different depending which day it is. M-W-F I have been jogging, so I will rise, get dressed, eat a little something, if I have time will read a little scripture and then head out for my jog by 7:00. I get done by 7:30, wake up the family and get some Bible study in. I start laundry and get breakfast going.  On T-Th-S, it is a little more relaxed for me. I still get up but get to have a longer Bible study and a little more quiet time. I will then wake the family up around 7:30 and the day is the same as other days.  That is how my normal mornings go, how about you?



  1. Typically...
    5:30-wake up, get dressed, etc
    6:45 (or 7 if I'm feeling lazy or am really into my Bible study)- cook breakfast, kids wake up
    7:15-7:45-eat breakfast
    7:45-8:30-morning chores
    8:30-12:30-school (break from 10-10:20)
    12:30-1:30-lunch and break
    1:30-2-afternoon chores
    2-4:naps for kids 5 and under (sometimes my 6yo)
    4:30-start supper (at 4 on Wednesdays)
    7:45-family altar
    8-8:30-kids' bedtime

    that's the whole day in a nutshell. Since we are going to have an addition to the family in 5 days, we are on a break from school and I'm "sleeping in" (lol) til 6. This schedule is not set in stone, of course.

    That's us :-)

  2. I have to add too that my family is all early-to-bed-early-to-risers. This is why this schedule works well for us. My boys especially have bedtimes and wakeup times: they are not allowed to get up before 6:30...haha

  3. Well, I am not a morning person, but this is what we try to do every morning, except on the weekends. I get up about 6am, and get my husband out the door by 6:30am for work. While he's getting ready, I go ahead and get dressed, make my bed, clean my bathroom, and start a load of laundry. Then I put on my mp3 player and listen to a couple chapters of my Bible, listen to some good Christian music, and just pray while I exercise on my stationary bicycle. That part is new for me, but it's working out well most days. I spend about 30 minutes doing that. Then I wake the kids up about 7am. They make their beds, get dressed, and clean their bathroom, and then while I fix breakfast, the kitchen helper of the day helps me in the kitchen while the others go on and do their personal Bible time. The kitchen helper does theirs after breakfast. And that's pretty much our morning routine...the goal anyways!


  4. As a typical European, I rise late and go to bed late *hangs head in shame*...

    6:30-7:00 - Wake Up
    8:00-10:00 - Dress & Morning Chores
    10:00-12:30- School
    12:30-2:30 - Lunch, Read aloud & Quiet time
    2:30-3:30 - Quick Clean
    3:30-5:00 - Make Dinner & Play
    5:00 - Dinner
    6:15 - Bathtime for little kids
    7:00 - Bed for Baby
    8:30 - Bed for 4 y/o
    9:30 - 12 y/o to bed. Hubby and I finish our chores.
    9:30 - 10:30 Time with Hubby
    10:30 - Wake Baby for feeding.
    11:30 - Everyone to bed! FINALLY!

    I too LOVE reading other peoples schedules, as it often gives me GREAT ideas!

  5. I am single, have no children and I am definitely not a morning person.
    Wake up at 5.30 or 6.15... Thats in the middle of the night! :)
    I wake up at 8 and make a cup of coffee which I drink in bed. I pray the liturgy of the hours and have my breakfast. Than I get dressed and by 9 I am ready (well.. not really) to go to work. I go by bycicle and my dog goes with me. She loves running alongside and stretch her legs.
    Reading the Bible and having my silent prayer I do very late in the evening when the house and the city are quiet and I am much more awake. P.S. I like your blog.

  6. Thank you all for sharing! I loved reading each comment. However, I didn't do this so anyone would feel guilty for their schedule, it is a personal/family decision what your schedule is. It doesn't have to look like anyone else, it just needs to work for your family. I just enjoy knowing what others do and I'm grateful to all of you for responding to my request!

  7. Hi Rashel!! I try to get up around 5 every morning to get my quiet time and blogging time in before the children awake although one son get up at 5 and a daughter does once a week. The rest of the children either get up at 6 or at 7 depending on their ages. Dh generally is up sometime between 4-5 to get a couple of hours of work in on his home business before he goes to his day job.

    The children are supposed to start independent work by 8 and we begin our group time by 9 (that's the plan anyway)