Monday, July 11, 2011

Things I would love...

1. to grow and preserve all the fruits and veggies we eat
2. to make our own soap
3. to grind my own grain
4. to keep my pantry stocked up with healthy convenience mixes
5. to get rid of all pop in my family's diet
6. to order whole foods online and avoid shopping
7. to order natural soaps and shampoos online (if I don't make them)
8. to stay home more
9. to consistently keep my home clean
10. to have an hour each day to read
11. to be more consistent with my Bible time and my children's Bible time
12. to keep meals in the freezer
13. to enjoy cooking a wholesome breakfast
14. to know how to ferment more foods and make them taste good too
15. to consistenly be a Godly example to all those around me

Yes, most of those are attainable things, I just haven't "attained" them yet! Maybe I will pick one or two at a time to master and slowly work my way through the list.



  1. Love your big goals. I think you can do it. :-)

  2. Wonderful goal to strive for, Rashel! Thanks for sharing. :)