Thursday, July 7, 2011

Are you addicted?

I've been quiet for quite awhile around here but today felt led to post for some reason. I've been getting online and reading some blogs but for the main part, I've been staying away from all blogs. I had just gotten too wrapped up in some of them and it wasn't healthy for me. As I've written before, I've broken the addiction to blogging and I pray I never go back to it. I think I'm strong enough now to come back to read and learn from others and to share my own thoughts without it becoming a problem. If I find myself thinking about blogging more than normal or constantly wondering if anyone has commented, then it will be break time again. Have you become addicted to blogging or facebook? I have a few questions for you to ask yourself.

1. Do you feel as though you need to post everyday?
2. Are you interested in your visitor stats, always seeing how many have visited your site and which posts attracted the most people?
3. Do you find yourself wondering if others have commented on your post, when your mind should be on other things?
4. Do you have your blog or facebook set so you get updates on your phone?
5. Do you feel a NEED to post about something as soon as you do it? (blog or facebook)
6. Do you spend more time online than you do managing your home, loving your children or reading your Bible?
7. How would you feel if you were suddenly without internet for one week? Would you constantly be worried about what was going on with other blogs, your blog or facebook?
8. Do you log on more than once a day to check in?
9. Is your computer your idol?

I encourage you to answer these questions honestly and ask God to open your eyes if you are devoting too much of your life to being online. Your "real" life is far too important to be wasted on "virtual" life.




  1. Rashel,

    A good reminder about keeping our priorities in order. Thanks for the reminder!


  2. Very True!!! I have been so glad to be rid of facebook! It was such a burden to me. I was addicted to it! Blogging is different me...It could easily become the same addiction, but for me right now, it's an outlet. Something to share what's going on in our lives, what's working for us, and keep me motivated to keep working towards my goals.

    I have gotten in to the habit of having a blog post daily, but have found the schedule posts option great! I type up one or more posts every few days, and then schedule them out...not at all necessary but it keeps me from being on here constantly when that nag of posting daily gets to me.

    You gave me much to think and pray about. Thank you my friend!!!


  3. I hear what you are saying Rashel. I am having a break from blogging at the moment. I found I was wasting too much time on the computer then getting frustrated because I never got anything else done!