Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ABC's of a Godly Home Day S

Day S - Serve and Scrub

Spiritual Challenge Day S- Serve. Jesus was the greatest example of how to be a servant and we should learn from Him. He didn't serve because He had to and He didn't serve because He was lower than others. He had every right to make others serve Him, yet He chose to be a servant instead. What an awesome example for us! Galatians 5:13 reminds us "..but through love serve on another." Your spiritual challenge today is to pray and ask God to give you a servant's heart for your family. If your heart attitude is right, you will willingly serve and do it with the right attitude. If you serve because you know you have to but you harbor bitter feelings, your attitude will show it and your family will know it. How much better a blessing would it be if you served with a right heart, out of love for them and a genuineness for their happiness? Pray for your heart attitude and then look for ways to lovingly serve your family today and each day.

Physical Challenge Day S - Scrub. Okay this one is pretty self explanatory isn't it? Your physical challenge today is to scrub, but what do I scrub you ask? I will let you decide because I am not in your home and I don't know what needs it most but you do. I will give you some ideas though. Walk into your kitchen and look at your sink. Can you see the bottom of it or are there dishes piled in it? Look at the back of it behind the faucet, is there any gunk building up back there? If you answered yes to either of those, than I suggest you start by scrubbing your kitchen sink. If there are dishes in the way, wash them first and then get out your favorite cleaner and scrub in and all around your sink. Or maybe you should walk into your bathroom and look at your shower. Now don't get scared it's okay, that soap scum doesn't bite. Can you see that layer all around the bottom of your tub? Are there water spots in the corners? Perhaps you should scrub you shower instead. Again, I'll let you decide. You take a look and see what needs it worst and start there. IF you have time, then you can just keep on scrubbing until you've done your kitchen and bathroom sinks, the toilet and the shower! However, don't get obsessed and don't neglect your family. If it would help, set the timer for 15 minutes and just scrub until it goes off. Have fun!

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  1. I'm admitting...I need to scrub (the bathroom, especially!)!
    Tara :)